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The Future Is Now: Peelable Banana Popsicles


This just makes me so happy. Granted they've probably been out for years because Asian novelty snack foods are like 200 years advanced, but damn -- it's a peelable banana popsicle! As far as I can tell, there's really only a single flaw with the design: the fact that they're banana flavored. Nine out of ten banana flavored things taste like two buttholes sewn together, and the other one time you're actually eating a f***ing banana. *reads article* Okaaaaaaaay, turns out they're actually grape and vanilla flavored. What the-- but in the shape of a banana?! That's just too much for my simple mind to comprehend. *brain freezes* Get it? I ate my banana-pop too fast!

Futuristic Frozen Treat of the Day []

Thanks to caprice, who won't scream for ice cream, but will stab you for it.

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  • Jean

    this has been in canada as well for a year or so..

  • Vivian Yulsiclover Guzman

    No to burst your bubbles but this popsicle has also been in mexico for. Who know how long???

  • lol this has been in europe for so many years

  • I had one of these when I was there and they're really good.

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