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Super Mario Stop-Motion Paper Animation


This is a 3:30 stop-motion paper animation featuring Mario in a bunch of one-off scenes from the difference games. It was created by animator Eric Power as a means of showing off his paper-animating skills, with the hopes of drumming up some other paper (the money kind) for a feature-length 'Path of Blood' papermation about ninjas. Which, fun fact: ninjas love paper. Know why? Because it can cut! I bled making paper throwing stars yesterday, I'm just sayin'. "Daaaaaaw, did lil GW start his period?" I'M CRANKY YOU BE NICE TO ME.

Hit the jump for the worthwhile video and a link to Eric's Kickstarter page.

Eric's Kickstarter Page
The Real Paper Mario [technabob]

Thanks to Erica, who doesn't make anything out of paper but hats. OMG PRETTY PRETTY PLEEEEEEASE MAKE ME A SAILOR ONE!

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