JUST WATCH IT: Amazing Guitar Strings Video

July 15, 2011


Seriously, just watch it, if only for a couple seconds.

This is a video of guitar strings being plucked shot from inside the guitar with an iPhone 4. Apparently the timing of the iPhone's camera shutter makes the strings' oscillations look all CRAXY AS F***. Craxy is the new crazy, BTW. Start using it and everyone will think you're cool. Start using drugs and everyone will think you're a loser. Unless it's pot or alcohol with maybe like an OCCASIONAL psychedelic, then it's okay. KIDDING KIDS DRUGS ARE BAD I NEVER TOUCHED THEM OR ANOTHER MAN IN MY LIFE UNLESS JUST LIPS COUNTS IN WHICH CASE IF I'M ADMITTING TO THAT I MIGHT AS WELL TELL YOU I TWEAKED DUDE'S NIPS TOO, OKAY?!?! Damn those were some perfect lil' radio dials.

Hit the jump while I take a cold shower.

Optical Illusion of the Day [geeks.thedailywh.at]

Thanks to Carol, who taped an iPhone to a kazoo once and recorded three minutes of up her nose.

  • Nancy Crutcher

    That is so amazing!! I will let my son try this. I love how the movements of the string were being captured by the video. It is really awesome. -http://www.rockstarmusicsto...

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