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Functional Arcade Button Light Switches


These are functional light switches made with arcade buttons (NOT belly buttons, which I would never use even if it meant stumbling around in the dark and stubbing all my toes off). Etsy seller AlephDesign is selling them for $30, but you do get to choose the colors. PINK AND BROWN. Alternatively, you could save yourself ~$20 and make your own. Granted you never will, but that's because you're lazy. And if you do get drunk enough to attack the project you'll probably end up wiring it all wrong and burning your house down. "Will not! I'm a great handyman!" Yeah you are. *high-five!*
Why are you missing fingers?

Hit the jump for a couple more shots and a link to the product page.




Etsy Store

Thanks to Fairbane, who makes it dark the old fashioned way: punching your lights out.

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