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Dreams Really Do Come True: Unicorn Bike


It's a uni-cycle. Get it?! Me neither, I hate myself (no I don't either, that was solid f**ing gold and you loved it).

Now I'm not saying Prince Humperdink here wasn't the envy of the entire kingdom that summer, I'm just saying his little sister probably lost her shit when she came home to find her bouncey horse had been mutilated. Plus I heard chubs got grounded for using the unicorn horn he found in his mom's nightstand.

Unicorn Bike [epicponyz]
The Best Bikes Are Custom Bikes [tosh.0]

Thanks to berger and Sharon, who didn't have unicycles growing up but did have Radio Flyer wagons. With the wheels missing...and no pull-handles. Um, guys? Are you sure those weren't just boxes your parents painted red?

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