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On This 34th Anniversary Of Star Wars: Bento Chewbacca, A Droid Tiled Shower, An X-Wing Soapbox Derby Car And Grillennium Falcon Food Truck


Because today's the 34th anniversary of the first Star Wars movie released in theaters (and there's more Star Wars shit on the internet than you could wave a glowstick lightsaber at), here's four posts of stuff in one. First, a Chewbacca bento box that could double as Cousin Itt if you ate the nose, mouth and bandolier. Secondly, a bathroom shower tiled with Star Wars characters that's waaaaaaay less moldy and pubey than mine. Thirdly, an impressive X-wing fighter soapbox derby car that I would 120% crash into the house at the bottom of my street screaming "PEW PEW PEW DIE DEATH STAR DIE!". And last (and probably least), a Fayetteville, Arkansas food truck featuring a Grillennium Falcon that George Lucas is probably ordering a cease & desist from even as I type this. Congratulations on 34 years of Star Wars, George, now retire to your compound never to be heard from again.

Hit the jump for the other 'stars don't actually war, do they?' (I have no clue)











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Thank to rhino, Jueshy, Andy, salmen, Get Me A Date, elen and Garret, none of which the Force is particularly strong with. Haha, BURN! Jk, jk -- keep those tips coming.

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  • The wall tiles in the bathroom is so cute, 8-bit game-like Star Wars is so awesome. Huge fans of Star Wars will surely love that.

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