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Ghostbusters Firehouse Slated For Closure


Hook & Ladder 8, the Manhattan firehouse best known for being the Ghostbuster's place of business in the movie franchise, is scheduled for closure along with 19 others in the NYC area as part of budget cuts. But what if my cat gets stuck in a tree again?! This could actually be viewed as either good or bad news depending on how you feel about me buying (read: squatting in) the building and fulfilling my childhood dream of living in a firehouse with a 40-foot pole. "But GW -- I thought you already had a forty-foot pole." Haha, no mine's sixty.

Revealed: The FDNY Closure Hit List [nydailynews]
Historic Ladder 8 firehall on the chopping block [protoncharging]

Thanks to andrew, who puts out fires the old fashioned way: pretending somebody else started them. And to Brittany, who can start fires with her sultry gaze which is why I always take her camping.

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  • If it closes, someone should buy it and turn it into a Ghostbusters museum!

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