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Questionable: The Bulletproof Clipboard


This is a 3-pound, $45 bulletproof clipboard from ThinkGeek. It's questionable for a number of reasons. 1) nobody but the lady administering my driving test uses a clipboard anymore and even she knows a bulletproof version isn't do her any good because I threatened to stab her after failing me for the third time. 2) just because something is bulletproof doesn't mean it's going to actually stop a bullet. You'd still have to be strong enough to hold the board straight so the bullet doesn't glance off and put a hole in that pretty face of yours. Case in point: hold up a hand. *TIGER-PUNCH!* See? That hand might have stood a chance of blocking if you weren't such a weakling. Wow, did you just get a cast removed or something? The hair on your arm looks really dark. Lemme licky or I'll cut ya.

Hit the jump for a video of the board being tested plus bonus (if you can call it that) cheese-whiz action movie scene.

ThinkGeek Product Site
You never know when you'll need a bulletproof clipboard [dvice]

Thanks to Daniel, who rocks a bulletproof fannypack that can only stop bullets shot from the hip.

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  • Claire Morrison

    Some innovative things are quite questionable and this clipboard is one of them. There are flaws in the clipboard being bullet proof first of all you need to hold it tightly to overcome the force of the bullet targeted at you. Secondly, it cannot protect every area and I would recommend using assignment service to you to write about your views.

  • first.

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