Apr 5 2011Pedal To The Medal!: Clever Hot Wheels Ad


Note: Full-res version HERE in case you want to try to read cars' license plates (you still can't though is the thing).

This is a Hot Wheels ad installation from Bogota, Colombia featuring a fake loopty-loop on an overpass. I'm not sure if it was designed to sell toy cars or make people step on the gas and drive recklessly on an overpass, but I assume a combination of both. Unfortunately, my car feels like the engine's going to drop out at any speed over 50, which is why I just taped a bunch of fireworks to the spoiler to get enough momentum to complete the loop. The only question is, which three of you are going to lay in the trunk while I do it? You know, for proper balance. I know stuff -- I took honor's physics in high school. Sure I failed, but still. I'll spray you all with champagne afterward if we don't die horrible deaths!

Hit the jump for a couple pictures of the installation in progress.


An even AWESOMER Ambient Hot Wheels Installation [copyranter]

Thanks to wes g, who once drove a car off a cliff and then jumped out with a parachute. OH MAN I'VE ALWAYS DREAMED OF THAT! Also: all my teeth falling out.

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first woot woot


i failed in life

first 4 suck... that would be bitchin to do loop-d-loops on the highway. especially on a bike.

"I'll spray you with champagne afterward if we don't all die horrible deaths!"

Knowing you, GW, you'll spray us with champagne THAT WE PAY FOR DX

only 5 sucks

for saying bitchin lol

They should have painted it orange!

*COLOMBIA please, not Columbia

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They should have painted it Blue!


medal? really? with a d? :(

Whoop to the loop and shit.

Yeah so anyway, the new mortal kombat's coming, but what about remaking Pit Fighter?


or the last ninja?

pre emptive reposte - your mum's a man

Is it always a cloudy day there as that wouldn't look right on a clear day as the middle is painted white.

@8: they should have made it change colors in the sun and then change back when it rains! Hotwheels hypercolor!

yeaayy my city!!

they made that big a deal about little metal cars... what the fuck.

I recently bought my son some hot wheels tracks.... although I'm slowly coming to realize that they may of been "Homer Gifts" [read: when Homer bought Marge a bowling ball for her birthday], because I seem to have more fun with them than he does.... just sayin

Closet I just went with the truth on my hot wheels setup & told the wife it was all for me. The kid is still grounded since touching one of the controllers last week.

THOSE ARE DADDY'S TOYS!!!!!!!! *SMACK*!!!! Now you dont get any!

They should've considered using plexiglass or something transparent to structurally support the loop instead of the cloudy overcast filler.... you know, for those occasional sunny days

I'd much rather see the car crashes caused when this thing blows down in a gust of wind.


Since there's no mention of it in the article, I think this might be a genuine lack of understanding from the GW, as opposed to the other times when he's just playing the part. (I think) I guess it could also be a typo.

The correct phrase is pedal to the metal.

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got myself a new desktop background haha

a full sized car doing a loop sounds like an awesome idea for myth busters though. that is if no one was willing to ride in the trunk for you

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