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Needs Syrup: 'Pancake' Stingray Discovered


This is an x-ray of a new species of stingray discovered in the Amazon dubbed the 'pancake' stingray (photo explanation after the jump -- SPOILER: It looks like a giant f***ing pancake). I assume the hunt is still on for a waffle stingray, which is good news because they'll probably be able to hold more syrup. And syrup, my friends, makes a great last-minute lube breakfast worth eating. Cereal bars with that fake milk shit not so much. Carnation Instant Breakfast is okay unless you just snort the powder. Then it's not okay. It IS habit forming though. Chocolate boogies FTW!

Hit the jump for a shot of the pancake from above looking way more breakfast-y.


New stingray discovered, looks like an alien [dvice]

Thanks to Clark, who once tried cutting into a plate of pancakes with his fork before realizing it was actually a stack of stingrays. WE GOT YOU! WE GOT YOU GOOD!

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