Attractive: A Map Of Earth's Gravitational Fields

April 1, 2011



Am, uh, am I the only one here that didn't know the earth was magnetic? "Oh God, tell me you're joking." APRIL FOOLS'!!!!!11 No but seriously that was news to me.

A European spacecraft has mapped the Earth's gravity with unrivalled precision - a feat that may ultimately help scientists predict earthquakes.

Scientists say the images will be crucial in measuring ocean circulation, sea-level change and ice dynamics - all driven by gravity - as the planet warms in response to climate change.

From the measurements, scientists have created a computer model called a geoid that shows what the Earth would look like if its shape was altered to make gravity equal at every point - an "ideal global ocean".

The map, revealed by scientists from the European Space Agency at a workshop in Munich this week, shows the areas of strongest gravity in yellow and the weakest in blue.

A geoid, huh? More like an Everlasting Gobstopper! *licking monitor* Mmmm, tastes like Mountain Dew! "Of course it does numbnuts, I can see where you spilled Dew on the screen." Wait -- now it's Cheetos! "Trying to grab 3-D internet titties?" THEY LOOK SO REAL.

Gravity's impact on Earth revealed in brilliant colour [sydneymorningherald]

Thanks to Joseph, who agrees this is all a conspiracy BECAUSE MAGNETS DON'T STICK TO THE GROUND. Try explaining that one, "science"!

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