Apr 2 2011Doctor Folds And Flies Mini-Paper Airplane With Da Vinci Robot's Surgical Pincers


Penny pincers. Get it?! Me neither, the guy next to me at Starbucks told me to say it and he's been in the bathroom for 40 minutes now which is bad news.

This is a video of a surgeon from Swedish Hospital in Seattle (THAT MAKES ZERO SENSE) showing off the dexterity of a Da Vinci robotic surgery system by folding a tiny paper airplane and throwing it around. It's not as impressive as the Japanese scientist who folded the origami crane using a da Vinci, but let's not kid ourselves -- the Japanese are better at everything. But especially ninja-ing. Don't believe me? Go check your closet.

Well? "No ninja." They're that f***ing good -- there were actually four.

Hit the jump for the surgical paper-folding in action.

Doctor At Swedish Hospital Folds Tiny Paper Airplane Using Robot Hands [kirotv]

Thanks to neolardo, who once folded a Post-It into a paper hat for his hamster. Daaaaaw!

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hahahaha finally a tool that can help GW jerk off. lol. I say patent it and sell it in CHINA!!!!!! think about it GW Billions of people you there and only need to sell a couple million and BOOM you've got enough money for a life time supply of Jack, to wash you face brush you teeth etc.

Uh, GW...they're better than you thought, two were standing behind you when you counted the other ninjas. So six total.


I dunno. The plane didn't fly all that well. Sure, he made it, and it was tiny, and did the whole thing with robofingers, but still, it didn't actually do the job. I guess that's the message: Da Vincis can mimic your hand movements, but if you suck, they suck.

This guy sucks.

Aerodynamics on that scale is completely different. (Reynolds number, etc.) So it's no wonder the paper airplane wouldn't fly. The thing this makes me wonder is how much time they spend practicing with these manipulators? And folding stuff out of paper is probably a pretty good exercise for actual surgery.


I sure would hate to have a mini paper airplane left inside me after surgery...

They're also better at editing their videos...

me: hello im dieing
doctor: hold on one more fold

This is how surgens pass the sergical robut test.

That plane doesn't fly for shit, lol.


Looks like the same kind of paper my paycheck is printed on.

this article was cool...yesterday...on engadget. NEXT.

i saw this video high and it just looked like two geese doing weird shit with their beaks. but thats just me i guess

I was gonna say: Shouldn't that machine be in use somewhere in the world?

But then I realized that this is perfect for practice.

the doctor's dead slow

I got something it can fold

Fly? BULLSHIT! that was more like dropping it. would you really trust a chicagoan sweede that can't even fly a mini airplane with a robot????

..no, no you wouldn't.

not impressed

Swedish Hospital in Seattle was named that way because of the huge Swedish/Scandinavian population that we had when the area was first populated.

Lots and lots of trees and fish, hence lots and lots of Swedish lumberjacks and Norwegian fishermen.

@8 & 16 lol

They should practice by playing operation.

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