Creepazoid Of The Opera: Giant Human Torso Stage In The Middle Of A Lake

April 14, 2011


Note: Larger version HERE for the full theatrical effect.

This is a picture of the set being erected in Austria's Lake Constance for a summer run of Italian composer Umberto Giordano's opera 'Andre Chenier'. As you can see, the entire piece takes place on an eyeless giant's face and tits. HA -- and you thought the opera was boring! It is though is the thing. The only thing that would make this show salvageable is turning it into a pirate-themed dinner theater with with pyrotechnics and a laser-light show. Booty on Butterface Island FTW!

The World's Creepiest Opera Is Still Under Construction [gizmodo]
Photos of the Day [wallstreetjournal]

Thanks to Kareem, who actually enjoys the opera because he just puts in his own earbuds and spies on women's cleavage with those little binocular thingies. Not bad!

  • Mr. Popo

    Uh... Wait. Isn't that the EVA 01?

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