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Xperia PLAY (Aka PSP Phone) Commercials


This is a commercial for the Sony Experia PLAY phone featuring Kristen Shaal (of Flight of the Concordes and The Daily Show). There's actually a whole series of these ads floating around (which I posted after the jump), all of which are worth a watch. You know, or not, God knows Sony isn't lining my pockets with any money. ALTHOUGH THEY SHOULD. C'mon, I know advertising! Sony bony boners shown. BOOM -- new slogan. Consider that a freebie.

Hit the jump for four or five commercials (I counted!), ordered from best to worst (so you may want to start at the bottom).

Sony Ericcson's Youtube Channel

Thanks to Manda, heartshaped button and Josh, who don't play games on their phones, their phones play games on them. Like when they make calls from your pocket? Mine does that too!

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  • Every video is "Private".


    On Youtube I mean. Every video uploaded to Youtube is set to "Private". There is no more Youtube.

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