Mar 17 2011What Are You, Taunting Me?: Geekologie Reader Builds Homemade Robotic Spider


"Dammit, GW, spiders have eight legs." YOU SHUT UP.

This is SAMSA II, a hexapod robot built by Uruguayan Geekologie Reader pabloxid. Why he decided to send me a video of the thing I have no idea, but I assume it has something to do with luring me to Uruguay to rough him up a bit only to fall into some sort of robotic trap and get my nuts tampered with for awhile. NO THANKS. That said, I was too afraid to watch this thing alone so I made my ladyfriend watch it with me (who hates robots almost as much as I do and spiders even more) and she started beating laptop's monitor with a rolled up magazine. WTF, GIRL?! STOP DILLY-DALLYIN' AND USE YOUR FLIP-FLOP!

Hit the jump for the arachnaboticphobia in action.

Pablo's Website

Thanks Pablo, too bad I wasn't foolish enough to fall for your trap, huh? (Yes I did too, I'll be there in 14-hours)

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Reader Comments


Very cool! Now if only it could jump, then it would truly be spider like.

actually its not a spider. bcause spiders always have 8 legs. its just a cyber bug.

Suck up! He is just trying to impress Sky-net, and the Dark rob-o-verlord.

It would be cool if you could use a robot spider to kill real spiders....I'd get 10

has anyone ever seen the movie Runaway with Tom Selleck and Gene Simmons...WE'RE ALMOST THERE!!!!! FFFFFFFFUUUUUUUUUUUU!!!!!!!!!!

Correction: Its a Robotic Insect not spider GW. Sheesh it has six legs.

Crud I should read the post for commenting...right on #3!!!

i like the music

@3....thanks guy. gw said first tho.

OMG, I want wait...I want 100. That should be a good start for an army, er, collection.
All they need are laser beams for eyes and big, snapping jaws with sharp teeth.

that floor is dirty!

Uruguay FTW!!! I'm from that country, but I don't build frakkin'' robots :(

Now that's wicked. Even if it isn't an arachnid... ;)

Now that's wicked. Even if it isn't an arachnid... ;)

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