Mar 21 2011Wah-Wah Wah-Wah-Wah-Wah: The Original Star Trek Theme Played On Musical Saw


Seen here looking like that saw is vibratin' her in all the right places (read: the bajina), street subway performer Natalia Paruz plays the original Star Trek theme on a musical saw. She definitely has the skills. She definitely also has a banner advertising herself tacked to the wall behind her, making her the fanciest panhandler I've ever seen. And that's saying a lot, because just this weekend I saw one drop his pants and start playing with himself IN THE MIDDLE OF AN INTERSECTION. If he was wearing a top hat instead of two different shoes I would've sworn he was Mr. Monopoly.

Hit the jump for the wah-wahs.


Thanks to CATS IN SPACE, who are up there diligently keeping the solar system free of rodents. Hey that's fine BUT YOU BETTER NOT F*** WITH SPACE BAT. And to guinnessman, who either loves dark beer or breaking records. Possibly both.

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mow mow

I SAW her

mow mow

mow mow

Oh- and...FIRST!!!

mow mow

mow mow

^Fake asshole

mow mow


CREEEEEEEEEEPY...................... Poor lady won't make a buck playing that saw saw. She should have pawned it and buy a lotto ticket to increase her odds of making money.

Where did a homeless chick get a saw? And, is that a rifle carrying case that she lugs around her saw in?

She was on the radio last week

I would so grab that blade and cut her fucking head off....then sit down and play some cantina music from Star Wars.

mow mow

I have an act to make money in the subways also. I stand on my head and gape my asshole

Looks like she actually sings the higher notes, i dunno.

wow people are ignorant, read what it says on the banner behind her, she is not homeless...

Hey we got a Mr Monopoly here in Atlanta too.

Her nerdiness is both beautiful and unique...I must make her MINE!

@11 Wha? Read something? How dare you try to counter their laziness

Sounds Hawaiian, doesn't it?

That doesn't sound anything like star wars music

I would so tap that!

She's not homeless...MTA often places professional performers in the stations. However, there are still the homeless people who sound bad!

Her smile is hypnotizing.

@16. Star TREK

Instant love!

she shouldnt make those faces. i dont like when are happy/pretending to be

lol @20
dont feed the trolls

The banner behind her is provided by the city who holds auditions for subway performers.


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UMMMM...thats not the starwars song...

Ahah, pretty good actually - i wish we had more of that in the parisian subway - instead of the fake-south american "ocarina" dudes or pseudo-gypsies folks (no offense here but they are simply booooring when you hear them everyday of work ahahha).

mow mow

I make money blowing dick in the subway

mow mow

How come I didn't see Jigsaw in this sequel?

That's the creepiest fucking death smile I've ever seen

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