Mar 25 2011The Force For Recreational: Jedi Badminton


This is a 30-second video of four dudes playing shuffleboard badminton with lightsabers special-effected in over their racquets. It would have been cooler if the editor had turned the shuttlecock into one of those lightsaber training balls like Luke uses on the Millennium Falcon, but it's obvious somebody wasn't thinking. "Her-her, did he just say turn a shuttlecock into balls?" I did, and I'm going to turn yours into a f***ing lizard if you don't start acting your age.

Hit the jump and get your recreational Force on.

Lightsaber Badminton, Sure Why Not? [youbentmywookie]

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Which blog was this taken from and posted on here as your own. there anything you can't do with them?

Would have been better if one of the Chinamen's heads was accidentally lightsabered off at the end.

What? It's not racist.

@3 Dipshit McGillicutty, the writer always links to source. Hence,

Lightsaber Badminton, Sure Why Not? [youbentmywookie]

i hate dumbfvcks

@5 Dood, chinaman is not the preferred nomenclature. Asian American, please.

you're throwing rocks tonight!

@8 You just stepped over the line

chi chuka wee dee dee~

Neat video, but it doesn't make sense. If those were real lightsabers they would destory the shuttlecock. But hey, it was neat to watch

This video just made me realize that LucasArts is missing out on a great opportunity. If they made a "Jedi Sports" game on the Wii or PS3 Move (think Mario Tennis-style "Force" powerups), I would soooo play it.

Wow lol....LucasArts...where the f*ck have they been? I think they are missing out on more than that #12. Looks like they have been missing out lately on the whole gaming industry, period.

@13: So I guess you missed the whole Force Unleashed saga? Or the Lego Star Wars/Indiana Jones games? Or Knights of the Old Republic (joint with Bioware, admittedly, but they're still there)?

@14: Forgive me. Honestly I did miss all that. Not much of a fan. But hey, name something they are currently working on.

@3 You're like a child who wanders into the room... You're outta your element.

Ugh...enough with the NSFW's...want to hit jump on Princess Peach post....tooo tempting!!!!!

Here's the thing @3


I work all day and can check in for topical and interesting (usually... lol) tid-bits on everyday life. I could scour the internet myself for hours (and still not find most of these goodies) but GW brings the juicy bits to me. If you can create a website that get's as much traffic as this and make that your career then do it and shut your trolling mouth shut.

That being said not my favorite post but for a no audio check in it was a fun short clip. Keep up the good work geekologie

Since no one else has stated it.... First!

@everyone respoding to @3 - Y U NO UNDERSTAND HOW TROLLS WORK?

@20 magnets how do they work?

what the fuck is a clock?!


@3 fuck off
@4 masturbate
@12 yup
@15 your missing out
@17 & 18 agreed!
@20 please explain, oh please do
@22 that disc on the wall thats needed batteries for 2 years

adding Lightsabers to anything makes it cool :3

@7 Hey there... it is very unlikely that anyone playing on any Chinese national team is American... so, they are not "Asian American"... perhaps they are "Chinese".... hmmmmMMMM?

"Look, good against remotes is one thing. Good against the living? That's something else."

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i like this video but i hate spammers (read @28 and @30)

@26... fail for not recognizing a quote from one of the greatest characters of all time. walter sobchack, of sobchack security.

Late, but this is still freakin awesome!!!

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