Mar 10 2011Truck Carrying 8,000 Gallons Of Printer Ink Flips, Makes For One Colorful Inkcident


Note: Full-res shot HERE.

Inkcident, get it?! God I slay me. Literally, I've been sharpening my ceremonial blade all afternoon knowing good and well I'd end up saying something stupid. Anyway, for those of you with overactive imaginations, this is what 8,000 gallons of industrial printer ink looks like spilled all over a highway. I'm not sure how industrial printer ink's price compares to regular computer printer ink, but if they're remotely comparable we need to hijack one of these f***ers. Booze truck first though.

No other vehicles were involved and the driver was not injured in the crash, which occurred about 6:10 a.m.

Approximately 16,000 pounds of ink cartridges from the Flint Group, an Indianapolis-based company selling printing and packaging products, was bound for a newspaper company in Portland, Maine. Red, blue, and yellow ink cartridges were inside the truck, but Ferson said there is no evidence the yellow ink was released.

LOL @ no yellow ink spilled aside -- 16,000 pounds of color, can you even imagine? I can't. Of course I also can't imagine a company still thinks printing newspapers is gonna remain profitable, so this story completely blue my mind. HIYO -- ink color joke! *hari-kari*

Hit the jump for one more shot taken by a news lollercopter.


The Most Beautiful Truck Crash Ever [gizmodo]
Inky crash may shut down ramp from Route 128 to I-95 North during evening commute [boston]

Thanks to Mark, who's never spilled anything but the beans. DAMMIT YOU SAID YOU COULD KEEP A SECRET!

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god YOU slay ME, gw


How are they going to safely dispose of all that discarded printer ink!!!

No evidence that the yellow spilled eh?

Are they colorblind?

And that thing on the left in the first picture looks like a giant ink cartridge.

No evidence of the yellow ink getting out? how about the giant swatch of yellow on the side of the fucking truck and on the ground.

Fucking retards, should have used fed-ex


Ignore the first, I was WAYY off


At least the scenery is more coloful. Didn't even have to wait until spring for the first signs of color.

The driver needs to thINK better next time.
Ink is mah expensive
they need to hire better drivers.

BP is behind this!

mow mow

That's not ink. Its my super patented rainbow jetstreaming shit attack.

mow mow

Colour, colour, colour...what beautiful colours.

8,000 gallons of any liquid =/= 16,000 lbs.

Any liquid on Earth (any that I can think of, at least) weighs much more than 2 pounds-per-gallon. Most everyday liquids are right around the 7lbs. per gallon range. I really think someone needs to redo their math.

Help! That truck's bleeding!

most beautiful news i have seen in a while

i saw a similar truck crash as a kid but the truck was carrying dog biscuits.

@12 - just to be sure you should weigh yourself on a scale, gulp down a gallon of ejaculate, and then weigh yourself again.


This is a complete photoshop job. You can tell its a fake because the shadows are all wrong.

This is exactly like the scene in the movie Never Back Down where Max pukes out all the drugs he took anally.

@12 - Unless it was the powder-type ink/toner. I used to use that for a large printer at a former job, the ink came in liter-sized bottles that kinda looked like plastic milk jugs. It was a powder, but you had to bang the bottle against something to loosen up the powder until it flowed like a liquid. It even had little bubbles that would form and trickle up. And man, you had to hold your breath when you were dumping into the printer, because even though it had a special locking mechanism, the powder was so fine that it surpassed it.. and that stuff could go EVERYWHERE. Think of laser toner cartridge powder times ten!

=^..^= itz a cat

Daisy. Your a retard. This is right by me and this actually happened. Fact.

@19 Lurk moar. or troll less maybe... unless you want to give us some facts about beets and bears.

@16 - It's real. Fouled up my commute. DOT tore up that section of highway because it couldn't be cleaned.

@19,21 google 'daisy geekologie' and get some learning from the comments.

Food for thought:

I work in a print shop. A single cartridge of eco-solvent ink for our smallest digital printers runs about $500 per cartridge.

...if my boss saw this picture, he would cry.

At hp printer cartridge prices that accident claim will be, what, about $50,000,000?

Why is it that only red is on the tyre's and front area of the truck

think he hit someone?

On the other prices will most likely go up

Per the internets, ink is about $2,700 per gallon.
$2,700 x 8,000 = $21,608,000


I'm so bored with lame boredom.
There are so many better sites/

At $2,701.52 a gallon that's $21,612,160.00 worth of ink wasted right there. Enough to pay my $35'000/yr salary for 617.49 years.

Fuck the people who make these things.

*Ink cost taken from -
*$2,701.52 * 8000 = $21,612,160.00 || $21,612,160.00 / $35,000 = 617.49

To add to that - Human blood is only $1,514.79 a gallon. That's roughly $1200 cheaper per gallon then printer ink.

It's cheaper to print in blood then it is printer ink.

At least the scenery is more coloful. Didn't even have to wait until spring for the first signs of's looking like road Painting .

Hey GW, hope you got a good umbrella...stay dry and stay safe out there, that goes to all you folks along the Pacific coast.

I saw this truck pass me yesterday on the back of a tow truck and thought "jeez, wonder what happened to that UPS truck!" It was spectacular to see in person!

It looks like a smurf slaughter house..... just sayin

granted this was for drums of ink and not cartridges, but if we pretended they were cartridges, if you were to convert gallons to ml and assuming 20ml of ink per cartridge at $25 each this would be about a 37.5 million dollar wreck

i have missed you daisy

Too bad a paper truck didn;t crash into it

Thank god it was ink. I thought the Truck just plowed through a Grateful Dead Show. The meaning of "Tie Dye" would of forever change for me.

Imagine if it hit another truck carrying t-shirts

I think they mean magenta, cyan, and yellow.

shit if that were me I'd gather all my empty ink cartridges and start scooping up some of the leftovers

Its real I live off of 128 and all the customers were coming into the shop that day talking about it, the next day sure enough it was in the Salem news (local paper) so chase shadows some where else

Banksy did it!

this was like 10 mins from my house...

better than "la joconde"!!!!


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