Mar 25 2011The World Map Of Average Breast Cup Size


Note: DD-size version of the map HERE.

To compliment the wiener one from last week, this is the world map of average breast cup sizes. Now I know what you're wondering, "GW -- what's your favorite cup?" Thanks for asking, I'm really into fruit cups. JOKING -- pudding all the way, baby! Now -- before all you American men start high-fiving and motorboating your monitors, our average is a D because we're f***ing fat, not because our women have naturally large bazoongas. Shit, even I'm rockin' B-cups. *squeezing* No, B+ *trying to lick nipple*

Interactive Version [targetmap]

Thanks to MannaFromKevin, who threatened to tell everyone I wear two sports bras under a t-shirt to make my tits look flatter if I didn't post this. Whew, can't have that getting ou-- wait a minute.

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way to go russia

Also, the high rates of breast augmentation in the US.

way to go russia

No way is that right.

Ye , this was established in the yearly breast size made all round the world , for sure.

Bullshit statistics are bullshit.

@5 yearly breast size checkup*

My wife's a natural DDD. Good to know she's above the worldwide average, but I already knew she was exceptional.

I went through Geekologie's archives and I must say the changes in this website have been crazy. If you go allllllll the way back you will notice that GW's posts were much much more interesting and relating to the site supposed content. Then as you progress through the years you will also notice that the number sexually related posts increases with time. Just putting that out there...

Considering how many Americans are of Northern European ancestry, this doesn't surprise me all that much... also, if it were simply obesity-related, wouldn't Australia, with a higher rate of obesity than the US, be even larger?

Venezuela and Colombia... is that you, again?

Relational to academic grades?

@8 Everybody just called, he wants his who gives a shit back

Looks like there's a tit shortage in China.

@12: Did you put a lot of thought into that?

@13: Everyone knew that already...

@8: Don't listen to @14, I laughed out loud.

Holy Crap, I'm moving to Scandinavia!

Meh, meaningless without the back measurement. How am I supposed to plan my holidays without all the info. I'm sure we can all agree that a 30B is preferable to a 55D

And augmentation comes into it. I'm sure some countries its relatively unheard of, and others much more common.

@14 people change over time 8D Get over it?

I knew Canadians and Australians were perfect. I just knew it.

Also @8, shut it. You penis. Go back to ITT tech.

I'm moving to russia. Also, tihnk the US average is so large due to implants...just sayin

@7 That's exceptional only in the "unusual; not typical" sense. Otherwise it's just kind of nasty. I bet she fills out the pony and wolf costumes really well though.

I figured the U.S. would have the largest due to rampant morbid obesity

Colombia won at biggest Penis and they are second at Biggest boobs. Damn.

The US is only that high because of implants and/or obesity.

@8 is a tiny lil whiny pussy baby. just putting that out there...

who lives in greenland ? do they have underwear shops there ?

The only thing that sucks about this, is that it doesn't take into consideration the BAND size as well. The tits on a 32D are equal to a 36B...

@21: The only people who think a pair of naturally large and full breasts on a gorgeous, fit girl are "nasty" are either gay or pedophiles. I'll just go ahead and assume you're both from the fact that you also made a furry joke.

@28: ..... well played.

@28 You like don't have a wife dood...this isn't like fairy-tale land or whatever...

Now if you fester in world obesity rates ...

Cup size is not worth mentioning unless you get the rest of the measurements.

feells good to be Colombian!!!

no way, them japanese girls have big GAZONGAS!

What is all this shit about US morbid obesity?

check a little movie called fathead, its on streaming netflix.

wait? does this consider implants and cup conversion ratios???

Anyone up for a road trip to Russia? Wait, do they include fatties in this?

boom Canada again is best they can be without being sexy freaks

@28 you make a furry comic dude, don't get huffy

also, pics of the wife and her massive "fit" tits or @30 tss tss is right

I thought the average bra size in the UK would be higher.
I am, apparently, above average.

@40 I'll lick you if you lick me. ;-)


@41. Deal.

Oh my...what do I say now??? lol :-)

Americans are fat assed bitches, no wonder their average is so high.
All the fat fat fat chicks!

Should do a fat people map and see if breast size is related (coz fatties usually have fat tits)

watch this be the top viewed geekolgie post of all time

lol immediately ran into my sisters room to make fun of her- we're American born Norwegians. Shes barely an A cup. SUCK FOR HER XD I still can't believe our average is above a D. God, us Scandinavians are just some sexy motherfuckers!

at 8. Pubixcube
YES, I have been saying that for months now, since last year, if you were to go back to see all the posts, and read the comments, you could catch me making fun of the GW and his schizophrenia, I been saying his posts are getting lamer and lamer,
and the GW Descend into dementia is clear,
and of course you can see the fanboys and the people obsessed with the GW defend him, even though he hasn't posted anything new or cool for 2 years now,
yes I noticed, and been saying it for a while, I really Think everything changed when the GW got the Divorce, or when he started to joke, dont know if is real or not,
that plus a problem with alcoholism is whats making GW posts irrational

FINALLY OMG FINALLY Glad to be proud to be Colombian!!!
first it was the cheesy coffee farmer stereotype, then the drug stereotype,
NOW is Big Pe nis and Big b00bs HELL YES!!!

In soviet Russia...

this may sound racist as hell, but I am kind of surprised that Africa ranked as low as it did.

@53 - They make up for it in another chart, don't worry.

so way thats correct. I work in lingerie in new zealand. we're a mixture of B/C (more C) and D/DD (mostly DD) tipping over DD are women with naturally large breasts or just overweight women. FAIL.

This is crap. I live in Israel, the size of the breasts here are astounding and yet we score a 1 on the chart. Someone didn't do their homework properly.

lol, my country is pretty accurate. South africa, an endless see of B's with a C or D here and theyre thrown in for variety. But im happy with, unlike USA and Europe most women here are between 30-34, so screw you australia

lol! This map is obviously for breast augmentation! I know of NO country in the WORLD with predominantly larger cup sizes. Naturally busty women are far between the world over. Sorry Russia.

@32 LMAO! Well said :). Lets not forget breast augmentation because I am sure no place can take the cake for naturally large boobs. I mean, naturally busty women are just rare anywhere.

@53 I don't think this is statistical. I think it is more of a stereotype. They figured African women are known to have booty so their boobs must be small to balance it out... too bad this is wrong! LOL! If we removed obesity and breast implant, I bet this chart will look a whole lotta different lol!

Like Geekologie said, it's all fun and games until you realize the high amount of D cups in the US is because most people are overweight. Not sexy. I agree with BeYou - it would be interesting to see this map without plastic surgery and obesity, but it would be pointless since weight has so much to do with breast size (whether you are really skinny or really overweight).
I'm surprised Russia is larger than a D cup. I thought Russians were naturally very skinny ..?

BRB, Russia.

Where is the penis size vs breast cup size map??

Completely disregarding the fact that the US obesity rates use an outdated and different system than those rates quoted for other countries...

As was pointed out, Australia has a comparable/slightly higher rate of obesity than the US. If it was due to obesity, why does Australia have lower cup sizes?

Correlation/Causation... lulz.

Lies, all lies. Africa wins easily.

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Now I understand the popularity of russian mail order brides!

@8 I completely agree with you Pubixcube. While sometimes entertaining, I'm getting sick of all this non-technology-related shit. Change the name of the site or quit being a damn hypocrite, GW.

funny how the company that did the survey is russian, look up geocenter consulting. nice try russia.

Well i know where im headed in my life :)

I would like to point out the Iceland has d cup average and the obesity rate is less than 1% for natives. Go us.

America only has D cups because of fatness.

I'm American, 106 lbs and rocking B cups

Since the size of woman's breasts are predicated on how much fat migrates to that area and stays there, not much point in calling out anyone on obesity. Yeah, that has something to do with it, but I see plenty of women who are obese and very small cupped. What some people call fat, I call healthy and shapely. Technically, you're obese at ten pounds overweight, and frankly, I've seen little difference in my own body from a ten pound shift either way. I doubt there's some magic weight at which your body becomes suddenly healthy ... my grandmother, obese as she was, outlived two thin doctors!

Proud to be Russian

Please, make a world map of the ratio of breast size to weight! I would be very interested in this! Thank you!

Actually, even better yet: make a world map of the ratio of breast size to BMI. Thanks!!!

i must go to russia

So cup size proves nothing. It all depends on the band size. I have a friend who's a natural 30F and weighs maybe 115 lbs. 30F is really not that big, we've just been taught by the media to think it is. If you know anything about sizing you know her breasts are the same size as a 32E, 34D, 36C, 38B, and 40A. Also, this map doesn't include the fact that many women are wearing the wrong bra size. My friends and I got fitted over the summer and all of us were wearing at least one size band size too big and at least one cup size too small. Until every woman is wearing the correct size this chart can't be properly made.

Also, yes plastic surgery happens, but honestly it happens a lot more in certain areas of the US than others. Also, TV is what makes plastic surgery seem so popular. Don't use such a manipulated and fake source to make your jugements. The famous and the rich are not in anyway an example of the average person in America.

Its funny listening to kids cheer over boobies.
You guys do know its extremely rare to find naturally busty women with breasts that don't sag badly? yeah so all these lovely big D and DD cups your frothing at the mouth over are most likely saggy and veiny. Attractive.

There is no question this is BS.
The AVERAGE cup size in scandinavia and russia is a E or higher?
As a scandinavian, I can tell you this is total nonsense.
I doubt the average is over a C anywhere in the world. More like B. I've travelled a lot, and trust me, I observe this carefully.

How was this data accumulated? Most women don't have a clue about their real size because they're not measuring properly or at all. I wouldn't trust this information.

When I say "I can guess your bra size" I usually say 36C... you know why? Because thats a pretty average U.S. bra size ;)
They say D because of all the fat chicks (unfortunately)

Wohoo Sweden girls <3

I feel offended - I'm a danish lady, and I'm so more than a D! (and no, I'm not fat)

Wonder how they made that statistic - did they just top random ladies in the street like: "Excuse me ma'm, but can we please ask for your breast size? Oh, it's for science!" *Big smile*

I'm from Finland and find this extremely hilarious.

Of course this is ABSOLUTELY BASED ON FACTS, because doing a worldwide survey is not complicated at all and of course someone made a study asking women around the world about their bra size out of everything they could have surveyd. Including some third world countries where there are people who have probably never even heard of bras.

Get your heads out of your behinys and think for a sec. Someone just colored a world map with different colors and published it on the internet. Even I could have made it more believable, since it makes no sense that neighbour countries have such drastic differencies (breast size has to do with heritage and neighbouring countries have similar heritage).

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