Mar 24 2011Tennis T&A: Serena Williams In The 'Too Sessy For TV' Top Spin 4 Commercial


Note: Commercial after the jump probably NSFW on account of asses and moaning.

According to tipster Donald, this ad for Top Spin 4 is the 'Best Commercial Ever'. That makes Donald a pervert (keep those tips coming!). It features Serena Williams and some other chick playing the game with the Playstation's motion-controllers but with their asses hanging out and moaning like Ursula could steal their voices at any moment. Apparently is was banned from television but I don't know how anybody thought it would possibly be allowed in the first place considering if a child asked me what they were doing I'd jump out a window to avoid explaining it. *sipping from '#1 Dad' mug* So yeah, if you're into asses in provocatively cut bodysuits and women moaning their faces off, this is definitely the video for you. Me? I'm more into boobs in sports bras and women screaming 'THERE'S A MAN IN HERE WITH A VIDEO CAMERA!"

Hit the jump for more waaaaaay more tennis T&A than your company's code of conduct allows.


Thanks to Donald, who insists he isn't really a pervert, just an ass-man.

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Reader Comments


My weewee grew.

beats my commercials

While I enjoy a nice voluptuous booty as much as anyone else, I'm so tired of companies using nice looking women to sell crappy products. If the products were worth buying, using women in a sexually suggestive way wouldn't be necessary.

@ 4 yeah! yeah!


mow mow

Is that Lafawnduh from Napoleon???
Looks like GW getting all his "news" from MSNBC now...

mow mow


wait for it... 0.17 *PAUSE* waka waka waka waka waka waka ...ahhh

IM TOO SEXY FOR THIS SHIRTT. im about to tear it off and xerox my napples!

This mental image only stay inside your head until you play your grandma, then *POOF* it is gone.

@4 - if you are not using them in sexually suggestive way then there really isn't any point in using them at all.

that said, serena is about 10 fold too intense in nearly every way for my liking.

both of the williams sisters look like retarded man-gorillas.

to loosely quote daniel tosh

"i''m tired of the media trying to pass off women's sports players as 9's and 10's when they are clearly 6's at best."

that was BORING
there are nicer girls in shampoo commercials

So she's got a butter-face...but I'd still hit it. That caboose is hawt!

WTF?! my dick just died! was that a tranny?! : (

mow mow

I quit Geekologie. Not posting anymore comments.

mow mow

wasnt that great imo. why was this banned? we can see your sexy curves and know you are naked under those clothes. how dare she be naked under those clothes. weirdo prudes.

How in the hell does anyone think she is the sexiest Tennis star? What about Kornakova?

Sounds like grunts, if you ask me.


sharpova > kournikova

lol @ 19, I was going to say the same thing. Maybe they should have specified that Serena Williams was the sexiest good tennis player.

Too bad tennis sucks so hard.

@21 Are you kidding? Sharpova probably has an adams apple.

@ 22 lol


I've seen sexier things in Better Homes and Gardens Magazine.

sex sells but Serena Williams is the "world's sexiest tennis player"? i think not. ok, now i won't buy this game, ever. next!

Say what you want, but I'd let Serena smack me with a tennis racket until my butt cheeks looked like Eggo waffles. I'd dribble a basketball through a minefield for a chance to hit that.

You could make the commercial straight-up porn, just Lupe Fuentes taking it in every hole, and it still won't convince me that a tennis video game isn't fucking boring. It's like bowling or chess, anybody with a friend and a few bucks can play that shit in real life.

Sex sells, but the fact that it's used almost exclusively to sell ANYTHING and everything unrelated to the subject in any way is just... The fact that I have to even say it is ridiculous.

Also, can there not be anything done about the terrible english scam spam? Or should I just give up on this sites comment sections too? Again, the fact that I have to even ask or say it... wtf?

"The world sexiest tennis player" ? LOL That was a joke , right?
"The world sexiest tennis gamer" = random bitch.
So based on these to false statements you draw conclusions about the product that its being advertised.

waiting for Virtua tennis...Top spin is ok...

"♪ I love technology.. but not as much as you and me, you see... but I still love technologie. ♫"

Step 1: stop at 0:14.

Step 2: vomit because it looks like a wet baby ass.


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