Mar 1 2011Penthouse First To Launch 3-D Pr0n Channel In Europe, US To Follow Later This Year



I've never actually been a big fan of Penthouse because I saw one of their magazines growing up and it was waaaaaaay too raunchy for me. Personally, I think some things (read: what a vagina looks like up close) are better left to the imagination. In my mind it's like a fruit plate, but easy on the grapes. So yeah, a 24-hour 3-D porno channel from Penthouse. Yay? Only if you're a European pervert (they all are is the thing).

Following its successful 2009 launch of the first linear adult HD channels (PENTHOUSE HD, PENTHOUSE HD1 and PENTHOUSE HD2) Penthouse announces its launch of another first: PENTHOUSE 3D - the first Pan European 3D formatted adult channel. The channel will launch on March 1st, 2011. Highlights include 100% Full 3D Native HD, 30 hours refreshment monthly and programming that includes distinctive hard core and soft core feeds.

Penthouse 3D will be available on a daily basis from 11:00 pm until 5:00. With the launch of Penthouse 3D, Penthouse continues to remain on the cutting edge of technology. And, while today's 3D formats are a relatively new technology, it is simply a matter of time before 3D is a staple format like HD.

A US version is supposed to follow later this year which is great news for uberfans of Avatar because they're all sexless virgins anyway. And I'm one of them. Well, a sexless virgin, not an Avatar fan. Something about the whole 'afraid to see a vagina up close' thing. "Geez GW, just close your eyes." Are you nuts?! THEN I'D MISS THE TITTIES!

Penthouse 3D channel to fill European screens with three-dimensional smut, starting today [engadget]

Thanks to Mark, who was waaaaaaaay too excited about this in his email to not be the first US subscriber. Haha, thank God I didn't use your last name, amirite?! Coubin. WOOPSIE DAISY! Jk jk.

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Reader Comments


Oh wait, no I'm not.

do want! amirite?

i still watch scrambled cinemax hoping to catch a boob

If ever there was something I dind't want to see in 3d, it's porn.

Fucking hollywood directors can't use 3D in a responsible non-gimicky fashion, do you expect porn producers will be better? It's going to be cumshot dodging, sphincter tunnel zooms, and mid-air dangling balls.


I already get free 3D HD POV porn - it's called having sex. Although the HD part depends on if I leave my glasses on

I don't care much for penthouse, not kinky enough for me, and I hatd 3D so... this news doesn't do much for me.
On the other, I like a vagina up close, so close that it is in fact on my facem where I can not only see it in detail but taste it and smell it and feel the cyprine all over my face. I dare any porn channel to ever top that.

o yeah baby show your titties i wanna grab them

*guys com in screen*


@7, so,many typo... That's what happen when I comment from my phone.

Do I see some nips in that picture?

Meh, porn in 3-double D would be better...

@10, just the top most of the nipples at best...

And this will be intense to watch while on acid. That money shot is going to scare the shit out of me.

I hope they have gay porn with lots of assfucking.

You're going to look really ridiculous jacking off with those silly glasses on.

@14 - That's the deal killer for me. I want to look cool while jacking off not like a fucking nerd.

Oh great.. now there are going to be more stupid people claiming that they got pregnant from 3D pornos.. >.<'

Who's that hottie? Nipples aside, she's attractive!

I've had the Playboy channel. It's around day 3 that you realize you're going to be watching reruns for a very long time.


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Believe you will love it.

"Fucking hollywood directors can't use 3D in a responsible non-gimicky fashion"....

HAHAHAHA.... You truly are a douchebag. Go watch some pretentious shit by jodorowsky or whoever and save your complaints about the Hollywood machine for when your giving James Cameron a reach-around. 3D IS a gimmick... always has been. Avatar has been propped up as the only "responsible" use for 3D at this point... Avatar was shit on every level. I'd rather watch 3D porn than have my intelligence assaulted by some pseudo-intellectual piece of crap pretending it's more important than it is.

Here's a about looking a real woman naked! You can't get anymote 3D than that. Oh I forgot some of you either can't get a woman or your woman is one more roll away from the Michelin Man. So for you fellas I guess 3D nakedness is as good as it's gonna get.

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This must be a true Geek site since there are more comments on the hole in the moon than the whore showing her moons....

Awesome! Now, instead of just paying $192 a month to Comcast, I can tack on another $12.99 a month for this shit!

I'm still waiting for the Holodeck. Until I can rape and pillage with no consequences on a nightly basis, I won't be satisfied.

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