Mar 21 2011NOT WHAT I WANTED TO WAKE UP TO: Short About Blinky™ The Creepy Pet Robot


This is a must-watch movie short (~13-minutes) about a boy who gets a pet robot named Blinky. Shit goes straight south from there. It was written and directed by Ruairi Robinson and stars Max from Where the Wild Things Are (which took some serious liberties with the original dialogue). It's terrifying to say the least. Literally -- THE LEAST. I already had a nightmare about stabbing a friend to death with Neptune's trident and then I wake up to this. Wonderful. I would've rather woken up in the middle of a Saw movie with my nuts dangling in a food processor.

Hit the jump, stick it to the man for 13-minutes, then spend the rest of the day cowering under your desk with a letter opener.

Blinky™ on Vimeo

Thanks to Allesandro, Alejandro (what are the chances?!), wes g and Verity fiction, who are all smart enough to know 'robot friend' is an oxymoron.

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Reader Comments

that thing looks like a pedophile


pretty cOOl.

Mike Oxlong


Omfg. So messed up.

Definitely getting some Mars Attacks flashbacks with this one.

"Do not run. We are your friends."

Robot was in the right


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blinky had it right. Go Blinky!!!

"No problem"

Are we supposed to feel bad for the family? Just because your parents fight doesn't mean you get to be the worlds biggest asshole kid.

Anyone else notice there aren't any robot children?


huh.... that was sad...
i had to mute it after awhile so... sweet robo turned into murderer due to asshole boy? lol

I actually want a Blinky now. The only thing is this video reminded me what a childhood ruining, steaming pile of gorilla excrement the Where the Wild Things Are movie was.

I want one!

i want one.

So buy a cool robot, put him out in the rain for a couple of days, treat him like shit, and then act surprised when he goes psycho on you?

that kid had some serious issues.

I bet Isaac Asimov is watching this and is beyond pissed.

I can't stand the brat of Where the Wild Things Are, well done Blinky!

Well, to be fair, Blinky was just following orders. That's why you shouldn't tell a robot to kill you and everbody else, it does not have the moral sense to know that this is wrong. Dumb kid.

That kid deserved it!

@15 - lol same here... that kid is great at playing an annoying little brat... I wonder why.

videos gone ; (

videos back! : )

ctstr hbhbhbhbhbhbhbhbhbhbhbhby

That kid deserved to die anyways, he was a dickwad.

I would have just destroyed the robot with a gun, like FPS russia would've done.

Stop making kids, make robots.
Burn the kids instead of the robots, cause GW was wrong all the way.

kill the little brat and his family Blinky!

Well done, Blinky! You are my hero.

Blinky just wanted to be his friend... what a dick.

Okay so you all got this little video all wrong and only took note on the kid who was being a jerk.

The kid wanted Blinky in the first place because of the commercial he saw, it said it brings families together n'stuff, after he got it and after a while after having fun with Blinky, his parents were still fighting, the family wasn't being drawn closer what so ever. This made the kid mad, thinking it was all Blinky's fault since his family isn't together yet, he thought by framing it in like messes n'such, his mother would get a newer model and that Newer Model would draw his family together better. But after freaking out like that, he by accident order Blinky to kill everyone in the family including him.

A child witnessing their parents fighting and almost never getting along is a traumatizing thing, thats one thing that should be understood.

ash I just love how his head moves like a dashboard compass


he shoulda just stayed where the wild things are.. were... at.... where the wild things were at

3 Laws Safe! Wait... wrong movie.


Obviously there were no failsafes (Three Laws) programmed in Blinky to prevent him from massacring its owners. And wow, did it have to look up how to "clean" and prepare the kid's body to be ground up into meatballs on the Web? That last image was more than a little disturbing ...

As an aside, I would be interested to find out how they made Blinky. Was there an actor in that robot body? How did the articulated head move? The taller robot was definitely not a person in a suit, unless it was a very very slender person. Would be neat to see some kind of "Making of" feature on this just for that.

Yumm billy meatballs

his parents bought him a $10,000 christmas present? God Damn!

Seriously, That kid deserved it for being a dick to poor little blinky

blinky is cute but that yoda voice gives me menopause. i liked it the first time when cartman made chili out of the Tenormans.

@Garin: Thanks, we're all retards who read this, so your explanation made it all make sense! Just because the kid's parents were fighting, that doesn't mean he has to be a little dickwad.

Scott Tenorman style death ftw, nice one Blinky!

@ShitakiMushroom Glad to be of service, let me know when you find out whats wrong with your statement.

Ready or not, here I come.

@39, Blinky was CG. Good cg but if you pay close attention you can tell.


I'm 12 years old and what is this?

that kid is a shit.

"You need Blinky! The home-help robot with a mind of its own!"


Someone sent me the teaser trailer to this a few months back and I was really excited about it. It lived up to the hype, imo and I wish it had been a full length movie.

I don't think I'll ever buy anything with AI that has legs and arms. Fuck robots man.

Obviously designed by manufacturers to kill asshole families.

that seriously fucked me up. i'm going to have nightmares

Fuck that. I'd hack that shit and replace it with my own software (at the very least).
Good programmers will take into account all possible cases, otherwise the program will rape you when you least expect it (Think: Windows Blue Screen of Death).

Also, I wanted to punch that kid.

What about Isaac's three laws of robotics?

1. A robot may not injure a human being or, through inaction, allow a human being to come to harm.
2. A robot must obey any orders given to it by human beings, except where such orders would conflict with the First Law.
3. A robot must protect its own existence as long as such protection does not conflict with the First or Second Law.

I wonder what version of Android this thing has? You know when you get one, you'll have to wait years for Google to update past Froyo on him. Dumb Android!!!

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Hmmm, didn't know Vimeo was supported on the iPod now, awesome!

That kid needed a good smacking!!! Too bad the robot beat me to it! Where can I get one of these robots?

I think there may have been failsafes. The laws may have been in effect, but in the rain when the kid gave it impossible commands, and broke it, i would imagine that some counters in the programming could have been damaged. Still don't want one though lol.

Really? Everyone wants blinky but no one mentions the huge ass tv..sure maybe in the future everyone has one...but me wants

man that was terrifying...

That kid was being a little bitch, and whining to his parents all the time, just like he did in 'Where the Wild Things Are'

all I can say it, the kid deserved it. if the robot didn't do it, I would've stabbed his eye out anyway

kid needed to die little bastard

max had that shit coming. i will forever think of that kid as the brats he plays in movies

snake snake snake snake snake snake

i would have killed that kid too

You guys keep attacking the kid, but it's clear he was a product of his environment, emotionally damaged by his parents.

The fact that his parents spent $10,000 on his Christmas present shows that they thought they could just buy his happiness and probably didn't spend much quality time with him. It's all the parents' fault.

So, please, if you have kids yourself, raise them well and remember that your time spent with them is more valuable and influential than anything you could buy.

This is the guy that is going to direct the Live Action Akira movie!


I'm going to have daymares now.

NEVER NEVER watch another video without reading the description (full article) first. Gave me nightmares.

BTW, excellent robot design. The robot does a fantastic job of displaying emotions without the ability to change facial expression.

WOW, WTF? The end was f*cking CREEPY!

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