Mar 9 2011NO: Bionic Cockroach Controlled By Remote


Hacking a toy's remote-control mechanism to open your blinds when you wake up in the morning: cool. Hacking a toy's remote-control mechanism directly into a cockroach's nervous system to make it turn whatever direction you want it to: WAIT -- WHAT THE F***?!

By modifying the HEXBug toy "Inchworm" circuitry to deliver pulses, we stimulated the antenna nerves of the discoid cockroach to "trick" the cockroach into turning upon command. Stay tuned! as we make the preparation easier, more reliable, and lighter!

Granted we've already seen the same performed on flying beetles, but I felt like there was a lot more that went into that. I didn't know you could just take a toy apart, poke some wires into a cockroach and be good to go. What if the mad scientists find out about this?! SPOILER: MWAHAHAHAHAHAHA!! Get it? Because that's how they laugh.

Hit the jump for the 'oh God please squash it, please squash it!' in action.

Project Site
Remote controlled cockroach [make]

Thanks to Carol, who once rubber-banded a Tamagotchi to her pet hamster with similar results. Read: he runs in his wheel now more than ever. Probably because he feels so fat and wants to lose some lbs oz's.

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Reader Comments

mow mow


mow mow

tss tss i'd like stomp it or something tss tss

Happy Ash Wednesday, GW:

mow mow

How do you have sex?

mow mow

@4 This should help you out:

Cockroaches disgust me so screw this. I'm playing Zelda

Seems like perfectly harmless mind control to me. Bravo.



That is pretty mean actually.

War of the Coprophages up in this bitch.

Does it work on human females?

Oh hellz no... that bitch would be dead the second I saw it.

What do you get when you cross robots who want to overthrow us, with nasty creatures who can survive nuclear holocaust?

Bring on the apocalypse!

Poor Periplaneta americana. I would have used Gromphadorhina portentosa to make it hiss on command, but that's just me. And I wonder why I can't get actually, I don't.

This is horrible.

@ 14 - I'd give you some. ;)

They had this on 5th Element, yo!

simpsons did it


boogy boogy

see what I did thar?

boogy boogy

beta version of Terror Drones from Red Alert.

Interesting, but a bit cruel...

So basically the device just stimulates the antennae making the insect think it's brushing up against a wall so it turns?

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FIRS... nevermind (//_ -)

Wow. Who would have thought someone could do something to make me feel sorry for cockroaches.

I hate to be "that guy", but whatever. This is pretty fucked. Insect or not, this is wrong.

It's a wonder that some people can actually bring themselves to give a shit about cockroaches. seriously, how soft can you get?

This is cruel. @29, its not about being "soft." Its about where you draw the line. Who's next? rats? and after that?

Cockcroaches are actually one of the most intelligent insects on the planet, and are used in earthquake sites to seek out people who have been caught in the rubble. I really can't stomach cockroaches either, but at least i'm human enough to keep a respective distance.

@30 Rachel

"Cockcroaches are actually one of the most intelligent insects on the planet,"

No they are not. If you want to talk about intelligence in the insect world (which is a very slippery slope), then you should be referring to social insects (ants, bees, termites) not cockroaches which by the way, belong to one of the more primitive insect orders.

"and are used in earthquake sites to seek out people who have been caught in the rubble."

*facepalm* No they are not. Do you really believe that if you released a bunch of cockroaches at a trauma sight they would come back and tell you where the live ones are? No. However, ROBOTIC "cockroaches" or cockroaches with their wings removed, electrodes inserted into their antennae (remote-controlled) and a mini camera stuck on their backs, may one day be used to as you put it "seek out people who have been caught in the rubble."

@30 Rachel...

Quick.... we better ship a ton of those cockroaches to Japan!!!



Meh never been a fan of robotics more of a fan of genetical manipulation.... Although it is interesting to study.... MUHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAAA

here's a really stupid idea and cruel !

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