Mar 9 2011Nintendo Power!: 8-Bit Stop-Motion LEGO Vid


Ninja Moped/Rymdreglage is back with another LEGO stop-motion featuring a bunch of classic 8-bit video games (worthwhile previous efforts HERE and HERE). That's a scene intro and some Castlevania action in the screencap there. After watching it twice I can't even imagine how many man-hours went into making these things. My guess is at least ten. Trillion! Too high? Okay, five trillion. "Do you even know what a trillion is?" I really hope that was meant to be hypothetical, because I'm gonna punch your teeth out if it wasn't. "Seriously though, do you?" No clue. Like a one and six zeros?

Hit the jump for the video.

Also, if you go to Ninjamoped's Youtube channel, they have a series called NES-Quiz that's 10-episodes of guessing which 8-bit game they've recreated in LEGO (same format as this, multiple games per video).


Thanks to Chelsea, who once attempted a LEGO stop-motion but her parents made her quit because she wouldn't stop eating the pieces. I thought I was the only one!!

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Reader Comments

I was going to watch the video but then I said "pfft, screw this, I'm playing Zelda!"

i sleep in a LEGO bed. i wake up with little nipples all over me. it makes me hot.

At the end of the video, the guys look pretty much like I thought they would.

mow mow

This looks like old times aye? Ya, like now lego has its own games. Back then people had to analog. In fact im analogging right now. Morning poo ftw!

mow mow

who the fvck has the time to do that? do they get paid?

whats the fukin6 point ?

dude that's 8 eyes not castlevania! just sayin.

Most of them crappy games.

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I used to play dr. mario puzzle games

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