Mar 23 2011Nine Jobs Robots Will Steal From Humans


According to a recent article by MSNBC, this is a list of nine typically human jobs that robots are going to take over in the near-future, put you out of work, and make your whole family starve to death. That's not fear-mongering either, that's just the truth. You are officially f***ed if you're one of the following. Drum-roll please:

1. Pharmacists

2. Lawyers and paralegals
3. Drivers
4. Astronauts
5. Store clerks
6. Soldiers
7. Babysitters
8. Rescuers
9. Sportswriters and other reporters

If you follow the article back you can read the reasons why they believe robots will be taking over these particular professions, but that's not what's important. What's important is if you happen to be currently practicing one, I strongly encourage you reconsider your career choice. Me? I'm an astronaut, so you can imagine how pissed I am. Literally, soaked. It's all warm and I think the girls next to me at Starbucks are starting to smell it. Just smile and wave, GW, just smile and wave. *shrieking* Just gather your things and go, GW, just gather and go.

Nine jobs that humans may lose to robots [msnbc]

Thanks to meg, who agrees the only good robot is an unemployed one. "But GW, you know what they say -- idle hands are the devil's playground." Really -- they say that? I always thought idle hands were prone to masturbating.

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Reader Comments

yayay first!!!

Astronauts? I doubt it, i think us humans would rather risk it ourselves.

mow mow

Read this yesterday...I thought it was stupid and never wanted to see it again...and here it is...

mow mow

Well technically robots are already doing what astronauts currently cant do through the use of the mars rovers and various probes that have been sent out. They aren't going to replace astronaugts though because people still want to see it first hand when technology gets to the point that we can go farther than our moon in a reasonably amount of time.

I don't see robots replacing humans, at least not in the near future. AI would have to become much more advanced to where it understands human thinking and emotions.

I don't see them replacing writers or journalists or anything in art for that matter.

The point is, I don't believe AI will ever be advanced enough to completely replace humans in fields that require a human's touch, unless we make some sort of organic AI and at that point is it really artificial?

But there will ALWAYS need to be engineers. Who else would design and build the robots?
I'm safe :)

I don't think robots will be taking over some of these jobs until they look (and act) human. People just won't feel comfortable dropping their kid off with a machine while they go out to the movies. And while machines/robots might be ABLE to do these jobs, if the market is more responsive to human interaction then the concept just won't take off. Case in point, I worked in a pharmacy for a year and corporate had us rearrange the entire work space 3 months in because market research showed that customers were more likely to go to pharmacies where they could see the pharmacist's face. It made patients feel like they had a personal connection with the person dispensing their pills.

That article was horse shit. What exactly does "near future" mean, anyways?

Like a robotic store clerk is going to stop a bunch of 12 year old brats from stealing every piece of candy in sight

"STOP. STOP. YOU ARE BREAKING THE LAW" (pivots a couple times, smoke cloud bursts from elbow joint)

As a soldier, I gotta say that there is pretty much no way a human being could be replaced by a robot and do any of the thousand things a soldier does... the whole idea of sending autonomous robots to fight other autonomous robot (robots killing robots? sweet! - aside) is just redundant. How would a war be won? And if it's robot soldiers vs. human soldiers, that just makes the people who control the robot soldiers... well, SkyNet.

Surrogates; just.

mow mow

I am a robot. My AI is so advanced that I get "bored" at work and plague these comment boards with my "nonsense". One might say I am malfunctioning, but I say I am imitating.

mow mow

A fleshlight stole my job.

None of them bothered me except the babysitting one. I don't think I would want a robot looking after and changing my baby. Yea no........

we can barely send a man to the moon again, due to radiation, i don't think humans will really be taken over by flashlights and batteries.

Everyone saying that robots can't replace humans don't know a lot about robotics or AI. @4 You mention organic AI, I'm sure if that's a correct term or not but what you are refering to is quite possible. A human being is one of the most complicated things we know of but it's only a matter of time before we can program a machine to be just as complicated as we are

mow mow

@^ Based on what?

mow mow

you know what? the robots can have number 2 on the list. i'd rather give my lawyer a car battery for answering a few questions instead of $300 per question.
besides, it's not like it is possible to be worse than a human lawyer, so they are welcome to the job IMO.

Rancid Dook really loves mowing the lawn....?

1. Pharmacists: eh
2. Lawyers and paralegals: eh
3. Drivers: what the fuck? driving is a job now?
4. Astronauts: that's sorta good
5. Store clerks: eh
6. Soldiers: good
7. Babysitters: horrible
8. Rescuers: eh
9. Sportswriters and other reporters: once again, the fuck?

If a robot's idle hands are prone to masturbating then get ready for a robjob...

would anyone ever actually miss lawyers though?

Oh, the christian crazies would never give up their pharmacist jobs. How would they prevent people from accessing birth control?

This list is BS. I'm pretty sure this is going to get brute forced they way the internet got developed. What was at the forefront each time? Porn. So, when you start seeing robot prostitutes (it's legal to hump your appliances pretty much anywhere) then I'll believe some of this will get done.

Also...juries hate science.

Nobody said pilots? I figure that'll probably happen first with all un-manned planes the military uses these days.

Don't see how robots could steal a lawyers job, I guess they could weigh and calculate the possibility of lets say if a person committed a crime, but at the same time, would you really want a robot representing you if you are guilty or innocent? I'd rather pay a person to represent me.

People do the most important jobs of all, pay taxes and buy crap to keep this country and this economy going. Once you replace all those jobs with robots all that comes to halt, kind of like Detroit. Science as savior? I think not.

And the robo lawyers will only be able to do document review. So Law & Order is safe.

@15 Logic. But I don't feel like typing out a few paragraphs to explain it. The basis to the point I made is: It makes sense.

I'm in pharmacy school now and there is no way pharmacy will be replaced by Redboxes for medicine (Medbox TM, that's mine! Copyrighted!). The pharmacy technicians maybe, but not the pharmacists. I would think McDonald's employees would sooner be replaced by robots than pharmacy workers.

Good to see there'll still be a need for crack whores.

i dont think robots will replace soliders anytime soon.

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