Many Bothans Died: Lightsaber Factory Fail

March 29, 2011


Ever wonder what happens when you run a lightsaber factory entirely with Gungan slaves and absolutely zero quality control? This. That thing's not even a lightsaber anymore, that's a lightlasso. *swinging over head* Quick, somebody point me at a tauntaun! *PSHFWWWUUUMMMMMM!!*
...Its guts are everywhere aren't they?

Hit the jump for the short but worthwhile video, which is actually a Polish steel factory (which explains why everything went to shit -- they can't even screw in lightbulbs!).

Lightsaber Factory Of The Day [geeks.thedailywhat]

Thanks to Tim, who used to work at a BlasTech Industries blaster factory before finding out they employed child-labor and putting in his two-weeks only to be forced to continue his work but as an unpaid slave. Ouch -- tough break.

  • SAR

    Hey Munchkin...check this video on YT, and look in the comments below how english and US workers talk that they experienced the same hundreds of times, apparently this shit happens everywhere and by saying or even thinking that it happened to this or other people, in this or other country you're just showing how stupid you are.

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