Mar 29 2011Link & Zelda Set Up Business In Hong Kong


Zeta -- really? Not even Zora or Zelda?

Note: It's dangerous to go alone! Full-res shot HERE.

I'd recognize that sword and shield anywhere! Unless they were at a crime scene in which case, nope, never seen that shit. Officer what do I look like, some sort of adventurous 'save the princess' type? I barely leave the basement and I've never seen a princess's tits before IN MY LIFE. No clue what Zeta trading trades in, but my guess is arrows and bombs. "What about bottles?" I'M CHUGGING ONE RIGHT KNOW, I KNOW THAT. Okaaaaaaaaaay, pretty sure that one was a fairy.

Location in Google Maps

Thanks to Tom, who actually found the sign randomly searching Hong Kong streets in Google Maps. Suuuuuure you were, Tom. OR SHOULD I SAY, GANON?!

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Reader Comments

i'd shop there


Blatant copyright infringement in China? I'm shocked.


Silly GW "Shanghai Street, 404, Hong Kong" Doesn't exist~

Zeta? sounds like 'Zeldas' alien cousin?

not even Zink? Inkda? why not just have catherine zeta jones outside the shop

hong kong isnt in china dumb people.. its an SAR.

Ching chong ling long ting tong?? Ohhhhhhh!!

WOOOW you're all idiots fuck including the GK writer. You guys can't see this is a Mexican Gang hideout? The Los Zetas! They clearly put Zeta to be more under the hood... but it aint working!

Ha! it's on the corner of Fuk Wa st.!

So, that's what 404 is hiding...


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Master using it and it's yours

Any business that opens its doors using a banner as its main sign will not exist for very long. If you don't have the coin to get channel letters or some neon you don't have the coin to run a successful business. That banner right there....$250.00 (or 9,000,000,000,000,000,000 yen) whatever the equivalent is...those chinese and their fucked up coin....

you haven't seen a princess's tits? ever??????

well mr. GW -- it's the last time you'll see THESE!!! *flashes tits*

@16 Wow those are nice! Do you uh need rescuing?

@16 those are sweet. Do you need to be saved?

Tag team!

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