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Laptop Stolen, Owner Remotely Accesses Computer, Thief Gets Humiliated (That's Him!)


Seen here getting his what will go down in history books as "ZERO SWERVE" on, a laptop thief records himself on webcam dancing to 'Make it Rain' (make it rain? you couldn't even muster a drizzle -- you'll never be an Indian shaman!) IN HIS MOM'S KITCHEN. My f*** that's gangsta. Unfortunately for Sir Spazalot here, the laptop's rightfully owner was able to remotely access the unit, determine who the thief was, and post this video on Youtube.

I was going to stage serious lulz but the police apparently cracked down right as I filed the report.

EDIT: laptop recovered! :D

EDIT 2: I bought another laptop during the time it got stolen, so I'm going to sell the old one and donate all the proceeds to Japan relief. Thanks for your support, everyone :)

The perp, obviously disappointed some Youtube codec made his fresh moves appear stale onscreen, took the time to write the owner a Facebook message (screencap after jump -- LOL @ 'two Professional Jobs') asking him to remove the video. Obviously, the owner has not. Hey -- you know the Ja Rules: you do the crime, you do the time get humiliated by a half-million people on Youtube.

Knock knock.
"Who's there?"
A producer from 'So You Think You Can Dance'
No asshole, it's the amberlamps -- we thought you were having a seizure.
Cops are here too, something about a laptop.

Hit the jump for the Facebook message and video of in action.


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Thanks to Tiffany, eric, Johnny Blaze, Sampson and Maxilla, who don't steal things. EXCEPT HEARTS. Any chance of scoring me a liver?

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