Mar 21 2011Jedi Martial Arts School Opens In Chile


Hey you -- girl on the right. Less rainbow scarf, more lightsaber.

Because there's nothing a little Force can't teach, a school is opening in Chile to learn children the way of the Jedi, alongside some Taekwondo and yoga for good measure. *searching for online enrollment* DAMN YOU, 12-YEAR OLD AGE LIMIT!

The pint-sized Padawans can now attend an actual Jedi Temple in Quilpué where they'll learn martial arts and make their geeky parents totally envious of their training.

Children between the ages of 6 and 12 years old can learn yoga and Taekwondo, combined with the teachings of Jedi values like wisdom and nobility. The lucky apprentices even get their own lightsabers, because the school's creator, William Berrueta, believes in crafting a fully immersive environment that is educational and entertaining.

Dammit, where was the 'beat other kids in the head with a plastic lightsaber' school when I was growing up? I don't even think we had replica lightsabers back then, just pointy sticks. One time I did Force-choke a kid on the playground though. Just kidding. I tied him to the swingset with a jump rope and threw black walnuts at his head.

Badass 'Star Wars' School Opens in Chile [cinematical]

Thanks to Clay and aaron, who turned to the Dark Side and started lightsabering the teacher in the neck during a breathing exercise.

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Reader Comments


time to run up in there and slice some heads

those kids are gonna be ubergeeks when they grow up

That little girl in the center looks like she's thinking, "wait, what are we doing exactly"?

Dark Side Represent!

mow mow

I am a teacher at this school.

mow mow

Do they teach you how to use The Force?

the kid with the mohawk looks like trouble.

@7 Looks like chilean kid on the left knows how. Also, the mini-vader probably already knows the force-choke. Nah, he's too young to have mastered that, he probably know the force-pinch though

A mohawk is the path to the dark side. A mohawk leads to fear. Fear leads to anger. Anger leads to hate. Hate leads to suffering.

how is that girl in the middle not burning her little fingys off?!?!

Is that the kid Vader from the Superbowl commercial???

who are the bullies supposed to pick on in this school?


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