Mar 11 2011Is that A Gun In Your Pants Or Are You Ju-- It Is A Gun?! OH GOD PLEASE DON'T SHOOT



Seen here using their high school senior portraits as a marketing opportunity, a couple show off their Thunderwear brand hidden gun holsters. Apparently they've existed forever, but this is the first time I've ever heard of them and I'm always packin' heat. Know what I'm saying? I'm saying I get real bad muscle-aches and keep a couple of those hand-warmers in my man-purse. Models range from $45 to $70 depending on size and storage, but they all make a great way to blow your pecker off. Which, despite what your brother might have told you, won't grow back like a starfish tentacle. THANKS A LOT, FRANK.

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Thanks to Blaqk Panda, who carries his gun the old fashioned way: on his shoulder while marching in line with the rest of redcoats.

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Reader Comments

mow mow

Ya like any girl worth harassing wears shorts like those...

mow mow

One smoking cock!

Just another reason to get my hands in her pants.

Makes it easier to blow your balls off! (or vagina...)

Loaded is now being taken seriously. ;D

mow mow

Hey CHOW. You like dog food!?

mow mow

Point is, you come out of the john waving this ones gonna bug you for a tip.

Confucius say: Man who drop watch in toilet have shitty time.

It's an underwear gun...don't make it weird.

gives the term "love gun" a whole new meaning

@8 Not sure what that has to do with anything, but it cracked me up, so thanks.

Yes, given that most people probably don't read holster safety instructions, I'd say there's a very good chance of blowing off something valuable.

Also, what are they holding in the "defenseless" photo? Is that a portable koala??

mow mow

@12 Its target practice!
@8 You can eat my crap. Women are meant for three things. The kitchen, laundry room, and bed.

mow mow


Think again!

@13 Who the hell are you talking to? #8 didn't say anything to you.

mow mow

Also, I am a 34 year old man, who's old satisfaction is masturbating to photos of Justin Bieber in my mothers basement.

mow mow

mow mow

... where she does my laundry.

mow mow

what happens if you pull the trigger when its in your pants :O

^ "you're gonna have a bad time".

Im pretty sure it's a common practice among trained gun users not to stick your gun in any area where blowing your cock or asscheek off is possible.

sigh i have one of these from 10 years ago they're uncomfortable

I can see why the girl needed to be shirtless. There would have been no way to properly see the gun harness otherwise, that's why the guy's not wearing a shirt either OH WAIT.

err what if the gun accidentally goes off?

especially for a guy, "it" must be in the direct line of fire.

Not a great way to carry if you'll be sitting down (they're extremely uncomfortable). Crossbreed Supertuck or the Comp-Tac Minotaur are much better choices (or the host of clones out there).

Lala - it's almost impossible for any modern firearm to "accidentally" go off. That's why there are only NEGLIGENT discharges... not "accidental" discharges. For a gun to go off it's going to require some user input. They have safety features that must be bypassed properly to fire.

And FYI.... using a crap holster would fall into the category of "negligence".

Did anyone else think "gundies" when you first saw it?

@25 Really? I'd heard nothing but good about Thunderpants brand. Good to know, thank you.

Ok, there's old and then there's this. I saw this in one of my dads old gun mags like 10 years ago. GW has failed like only he can fail.

Everything about those pictures screams 1990s to me... from his Jump Jive and Wail Gap outfit (remember the commercials?) to her high-waisted stone-washed jean shorts. Though I guess maybe the high waist has more to do with the gun grip that would be sticking out otherwise.

Finally (48 hours) time limit to buy.

LV Muffler $ 5.99
LV Bags $ 19.9
LV Wallet $ 6.55
Armani Glasses $ 5.99
LV Belt $ 6.9

Buy addresses-
Tips (48 hours after the special product is invalid)

"mommy! mommy! That bumb is in the bathroom and he has something hard in his pants!"

+5 points if you catch the reference. But that is about how I can see this going bad

"dude, check that chick out"
"packing some serious meat"

do you have to wear them Douchy clothes to use this ?

also - do you have to own a gun ?? does it come with a gun ?

I cant see it working very well - sure, you are 'packing heat in your pants' - but it makes ya look like you got a Gunt ! FFS..



No thanks.

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