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Hi-Ho Silver Midnite!: Lil Horsey Gets 2nd Chance At Life With Custom Prosthetic Leg


This is Midnite (not to be confused with midnight, which is when your carriage turns back into a pumpkin). Midnite is a little horsey who was born without part of a back leg. His original owner, without the decency to contact somebody who might be able to help or putting a bullet in his head, opted to neglect him instead. Eventually, he was confiscated by authorities (who hopefully taught the owner what it feels like to be missing a leg -- *PEW PEW* I SAID DANCE, COWBOY!), and delivered to Ranch Hand Rescue, who in turn worked with Forth Worth Prosthetic Care to slap a prosthetic on the lil guy. They were hoping he'd be able to walk with his new leg, but after just his second fitting, Midnite was running (WARNING: VIDEO AFTER THE JUMP INCLUDES FOOTAGE OF MIDNITE RUNNING FOR THE FIRST TIME AND WILL MAKE YOU CRY). Boom -- happy ending. And as for that original, neglectful owner... *tossing duffel-bag of zip-ties and duct tape in trunk* Roooooad trip!

Hit the jump for the heartwarming video news report.

This Tiny Horse With a Prosthetic Leg Will Melt Your Cold, Snarky Heart [gizmodo]

Thanks to Joseph, who may or may have raised Jesus like a son. No? Not the same one? WELL WHO THE HELL' S PARENTS NAME A CHILD JOSEPH ANYMORE?! "Mine". Oh, right. Great name BTW.

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