Mar 3 2011GW Casts 'Incinerate': Model Of Hogwarts School Made From 602,000 Matchsticks


Seen here refusing to pull dude's finger, this is a model of Hogwart's School of Witchcraft and Wizardry from those Harry Potter books made by Patrick Acton (who also did this matchstick Minas Tirith). "Damn GW, two Potter posts in one day? You're making my wand flutter!" I know, that was my goal. *pointing* LOOK EVERYBODY -- THIS DUDE'S GETTING EXCITED ABOUT A F***ING HARRY POTTER MODEL!

If you thought you built something that was impressive when you were younger, you probably shouldn't show it to Patrick Acton.

The matchstick pioneer and builder has created the most awesome replica of the Hogwarts School...It took Patrick three years and 15 gallons of wood glue to put it all together.

Gosh, I hope they didn't cut down the Tree of Gondor to make all those matchsticks. No? Wrong franchise? Woopsie doopsie. But seriously, three years? That's a long-ass time to work on something. I would've opted to make a Play-doh model in an afternoon AND EAT IT AFTERWARD. "Is that why there's a rainbow of leftover Play-Doh in the garbage?" Haha, that's not leftover.

Hit the jump for a bunch more shots.






Epic Hogwarts School Created Out Of 602,000 Matchsticks [bitrebels]

Thanks again to Trevor, who, for two tips in one day, gets two shoutouts. This is one of them, it's not very good.

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wait... isn't that the principal from ferris beulers day off?!?!?!

Awesome. I bet he could totally get any of the 12 year olds who watch harry potter.

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I want to drop a steamy duce all over this thing...

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trying to make some kind of ego driven fail attempt at internets fame...

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@9 you got me pegged bro. Give yourself a pat on the back.

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What the articles doesn't mention is the nude pics of Hermione Granger stashed inside

Now that is just phreaking AWESOME!!! Wonder how long it took though. I'd have completely given up after the first hundred thousand... :o

I believe the spell you're looking for is "incendio"

Sorry that's really not so much impressive as terribly depressing.

What a fucking nerd.

@13: You beat me to incendio.

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wow, that is awesome but he must have had an epic amount of time on his hands and what would the shop keeper who sold him the match have thought?!?!

@14 It doesn't take a "fucking nerd" to appreciate amazing architecture. Also, you do realize what site you're reading this article on, right? Dumb ass.

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Why matchsticks?

@19 Beat me to it.

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