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From Bountyhunting To Panhandling: Boba Fett Plays Lost Woods Theme On Accordion


This isn't the first time we've seen Boba Fett playing Saria's Song on the accordion, but maybe you didn't catch the first one. Me? I catched 'em all. "Caught not catched, dumbass." Yeah well your crotch is about to catch my fist if you don't stop correcting me! "MY JUNK THIS GUY'S TRYING TO TOUCH MY JUNK!" Damn you! *trying to blend into nonexistent crowd*

Hit the jump for the a minute of bountyhunting don't pay like it used to.


Thanks to Jackie, who claims Boba's panhandling to pay off his Mos Eisley bar tab before HIS ass gets bountyhunted. Hoho, the tables have turned!

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