Mar 9 2011First Peep At Nickelodeon's New Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles


So apparently ♫ Nick Nick Nick Nick Nick Nick Nick Nick Nickelodeon ♫ is rolling out a new TMNT cartoon next year and this is the first look of the re-imagined turtles. As you can see, they have some of the stupidest-looking anime eyes I've ever seen. And that's saying a lot, because one time in middle school I cut my eye with the cover of a comic (I read dangerous as shit!) and had to wear an eyepatch that a friend convinced me to let him draw an anime eyeball on. Only thing is, I never actually bothered checking his handiwork and he opted for a ballsack instead. Talk about a terrible lookin' eye! The kids on the playground would yell Captain Teabag and threw rocks at me!

First Look: The New 'Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles' on Nickelodeon [slashfilm]

Thanks to Sam the Slammer and Dottie, who like to crawl around in the sewers at night and play ninja turtles. ARE YOU F***ING KIDDING ME?! THAT'S DISGUSTING!

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its like TMNT meets Picaso......

Where the hell are the nunchucks?

Wow... that was actually my first ever first. I wasn't even trying. OK, ok. I was. Either way, quit trying to make the TMNT look all badass. They should look cartoony and hokey always. 1980s TMNT cartoons FTW. One question: Why was Donatello a loser and Raph hilarious in the cartoon, but Don was hilarious in the live action movies and Raph was a loser/whiney bitch? Mikey and Leo remained the same in both--pothead and uber lame, respectively.

why are their feet all bandaged like bums?

You needed one more nick ;)

"Nick nick nick, nick nick nick nick, nickalodeon"

mow mow

I love cock

mow mow

Several Attempts, and still a Spelling FAIL:

mow mow

I think they all look like they have tumors in their arms...

mow mow

Those aren't anime eyes...I'm playing Zelda

TMNT meets Lego!

@3 in Michaelangelo's hand, very clear if you look with your eyes. This looks poooooo

These are anime eyes: ^_^

@12 That is actually a kusarigama (yes, I googled it) that Mike is holding. Not sure why they felt the need to change it. Maybe they wanted someone else with a long range weapon. That way Don can stop waving his pole in everyone's face.

I have lost track on how many versions of this cartoon they have. lol

I really do not see any anime style, more like grunge + cartoony.

Meh, anything would be better than TMNT FAAAAAST FORWARD

they wouldn't look any gayer if they were literally giving each other hand jobs and the like.

Anime eyes? Dude, get YOUR eyes checked. What's so anime about this? It's like you are complaining just for the sake of being funny. It's extra sad because you are failing. Miserably.

Those ain't anime eyes.

Ya dumb honkey.

Umm... "Anime eyes"?! "Anime eyes," really? You think those look like anime eyes? :-p

Hooooly shit. That series of Nicks with music symbols unlocked a part of my brain that I hadn't thought of since I was a kid. Jesus Christ -- NICKELODEON MAGAZINE PLEASE!


needed one LESS nick.

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They look like crap and the hands are too big. There was nothing wrong with the 80s version.

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Have you ever seen the ORIGINAL TMNT comic. First of all it was not KIDS STUFF, it was violent harsh and brutal.

now mikey finally has a bladed weapon! no more having to bludgeon his enemies to death! now just Donatello needs an upgrade. A wooden pole?

And why does Leo look like he wants to rape someone? and wtf is up with his right hand? why is he holding the sword like that? His whole forearm seems out of place in this pic.

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