Mar 7 2011Die Creep!: Most Realistic Humanoid To Date


Not to date like, "damn, I wanna take that stud out to dinner and play with his wiener afterward", to date like, "up to this point in time". Introducing Geminoid DX, the latest doppelganger of death from Kokoro Co. Ltd and this creepy mamma-jamma.

When we wrote Prof. Scharfe [the man whom the robot was modeled after] inquiring about the android, he confirmed: "No, it is not a hoax," adding that they've been working on the project for about a year now. His Geminoid was built by Kokoro in Tokyo and is now at Japan's Advanced Telecommunications Research Institute International (ATR) in Nara for setup and testing. "In a couple of weeks I will go back at Japan to participate in the experiments," he says. "After that, the robot is shipped to Denmark to inhabit a newly designed lab."

I posted several videos after the jump showing the ultra-realistic facial expressions and mannerisms the robot is capable of, none of which made me feel very warm and fuzzy inside. Cold and razor-wiry, yes. Is it wrong to feel so much hate for something that isn't even human? I say no. As a matter of fact, I f***ed my toaster up with a stool this morning for burning a bagel. Admit it -- YOU KNEW IT WAS THE LAST ONE!

A comparison shot of the live and humanoid versions, a couple shots of the robot without his face-skin on (in case you hate sleeping) and four short videos of the creep in action after the jump.




Latest Geminoid Is Incredibly Realistic [spectrum]

Thanks to Jesse, Joseph, 'Rick, yo!', Vince and brookmarin, who have already started sharpening their lasers. You, uh, guys do know lasers don't need sharpening, right? Yeah, just batteries. Shocking I know.

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Reader Comments

Gahhh. That last video is the definition of uncanny valley.

Someone please kill it. Human are great at killing things, we should be able to over come this abomination

last video at 16 seconds, I will have nightmares tonight

You have to destroy the CPU.

They Live!!!

Holy Fudge, I thought he was real!

Quick everyone make jokes about robots taking over the world, GOGOGOGOGOGO.....

I have actually always love robots/robotics but I have always hated androids. Robots should be metalic and flashy and have cool gadgets coming out of their face and elbows. They should not look like people.

We are all going to die. That is all.

When did Charlie Sheen grow a beard?


I would definitely love to take that stud out to dinner and play with his wiener afterwards. Just sayin.' :)

All they have to do is strike up a deal with the folks at RealDoll and make some hi-tech porn star dolls. They can make a killing! (before the robots turn on them...)

Sigh, it seems scientists are still hung up on those archaic things such as servomotors, pneumatics and gears screwed to a metal frame.

I would prefer to see a carbonfibre or similar material based android with electroactive polymer muscles and a nanobot regenerative system, maybe encased in a memory-plastic skin which will be human-like warm to the touch.

Arguably the best I've seen, but when will they finally master EYELIDS?

most realistic to date? I'm not looking to date the goddamn thing, I just want to fuck it.

And I would prefer it to look like a chick rather than Hans from the first Die Hard but I'll take what I can get.

Scott Bartchy?

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A few years down the line, Spielberg or Cameron will get this technology and make a movie with the first robot actor: a sessy girl.

They already own the best Cyberpunk franchises.

Oh, and they will make a trillion bucks.

The third video....It breathes....

You should make some post on the robotics competition, 2056 should be killed with fire, like this robot

it looks like Dante from Clerks and Hans Gruber had a lovechild

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fuck dat shit

Normally robots and robotics don't bother me but all I can seem to think about while watching this is Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep?

Is it just me or in the last video does it resemble Data from Star Trek TNG?

is it just me, or is the fact that is actually looks like its breathing the most terrifying thing ever?

Why does it mimic breathing?! O_o Not cool

I thought I was crazy when I saw it 'breathing' but I guess I'm not. The fact it's breathing adds a humanity to it that is unsettling...

The person living right next door to you could be a robot and you wouldn't even know it.

I keep wondering why you HATE a humanoid made by humans, it is not the humanoid was made. However- I find it amazing, this creation, I would just don't make them be more and more alike humans because maybe we indeed make our own graves by that. *shifty*

Damn it, zoom on her butt, not on the robot's face...


That is insanely creepy but also insanely cool! I hope they're going to make the thing talk too.

The first picture without its skin made me laugh so hard. I wasn't expecting it to look that silly.

Blade Runner was a documentary sent back in time.

The Girl at the second pic is hot, they should do an humanoid that looks like her (with an extra boob size) with mouth suction capabilities. That is something I will love to "see".

DIE DIE DIE DIE ......................DIE DIE DIE DIE.............DIE

robot's boring, tell us more about the cute chick programmer

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@39 - You have no chance with her. She's in to robots.

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Wow an android that's not an Asian girl? That's a first.
I like how the robot version looks about 40 pounds more in shape than the real guy.
Hey why didn't they make the robot look like the hot babe in the 3rd pic instead of that dude?

I hate the way it winces every time it blinks. So creepy.

Before we know it we will be needing some blade runners..

Good enough for the carpool lane (of course with the face on). :D

nah, just pullin' yar leg. Very impressive, very realistic.

If they're gonna make a terminator, the least they could do is duplicate Arnold. If we're all gonna die anyways, might as well be by the real deal.

KILL THE DAMN THING BEFORE IT BECOMES SELF AWARE wait can robots even be 'killed'?

I also find it creepy that it mimics breathing, but there's something I find even creepier about all of these humanoid robots.

Why do they make them blink? Humans need to blink. Robots do not. It's creepy.

Plus, y'know, when the inevitable occurs and robots take over the world and attempt to destroy humanity, it'd be much easier to tell them apart if they don't mimic things like blinking and breathing. Just sayin'.

Kill with fire!!!

I'm gonna sing the Doom Song now. Doom doom doom doom doom...

Been done, it was called Total Recall. 2 weeks! 2 weeeekkkks! Really this impresses people? most movie propmakers do this day in day out..

i'd hit it...

lolol that last video is adorable xD

You can't kill it since it's not alive

Screw off GW! (whatever GW stands for) Droids are cool! but in my opinion, its only a matter of time before they walk the earth harvesting our bodies for their own benefit.

So... is this thing anatomically correct?

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