Cold As Hoth Shots: Star Destroyer Ice Luge

March 22, 2011


Seen here looking like he's trying to blow an entire spaceship, a man takes a shot of tequila from an Imperial Star Destroyer ice luge (link slightly NSFW, sessy boob-luge).

This is a project I made for my friend's birthday. His two favorite things are Star Wars and drinking [GET ME THIS MAN'S #!]. So I combined the two to make this ice luge. While this doesn't have instructions, I used a chainsaw, electric drill with a one inch spade bit, and a 300 pound block of ice.

I do like how you actually pour in the ship's bridge and it travels down two different channels to the front of the ship. That was a nice touch. Because my college roommates and I got an ice luge one summer and let me tell you: a roommate (who will remain nameless. JK -- it was Porterhouse Pete) puked all over it within the first hour. By the time we'd run enough hot water down it to get all the chunks out we were down to an ice cube. I chewed on it. Aaaaaaaand contracted something.

Hit the jump for a schematic and some build shots. Shots, LOL.







Star Destroyer Ice Luge [instructables]
Pour Your Booze Down a Star Destroyer Ice Luge [obviouswinner]

Thanks to Mark, who allegedly made an Enterprise ice luge but I have my doubts. Also: a bottle of Jager just in case it's for real.

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