Mar 22 2011But How Many Feet Does It Get Per Gallon?: A Giant Shoe Car (Don't Tell The Clowns!)


Jealous Old Woman who Lives in a Shoe is jealous.

It actually gets zero feet per gallon because it's electric. It does get 250 miles to a single charge at speeds up to 30MPH though, which isn't bad. Still no word if it comes equipped with modern safety features like ankle socks.

Ten feet long and more than three feet high, the leather bodywork of the electric shoe car is made in the same fashion as a normal shoe, but on a much larger scale. The hide of five bulls was needed and that' bull at all.

"It took six months to design and build the car at a cost of around £4,000... The company plans to make 40 of these vehicles for stores around the country," said Wang Zhengtao, Kang Company president.

Somewhere in heaven, five bulls are shaking their heads and blowing smoke out their ringed noses, disappointed. I can see it now:

"Dammit, I wanted to gore a bullfighter!"

"I wanted to be a rockstar's pants!"
"I wanted to run with my brethren in Pamplona!"
"I'd have rather been a gimp mask."
"I had dreams of becoming an expensive Italian sofa one day."
"I was kind of hoping to just f*** cows all day".

"Uh, GW? That was actually six bulls." Haha, no that last one was Old MacDonald. The dude's sick.

The Kang Shoe Company and The Electric Shoe Car [weirdasianews]

Thanks to I Drive a Prius, who -- good for you, now stop sharing.

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fuck all of you

@ 1 including me?

This vehicle is fucking retarded. That is all.


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There once was an old lady who lived in a shoe,
She had so many kids her uterus fell out!

He could have at least been smart about it and designed it after vans


@7 you do realize you started talking in the third person right?

Fuckin hipsters.


@2 yes

My dreams have come true! I've always wanted to drive in a shoe!

mow mow

Go eat dog food, chow!

mow mow

to be honest, I want two

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