Mar 29 2011Autonomous Quadrocopters Play Ping-Pong


Forrest could take 'em.

This is a video from the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology of two autonomous quadrocopters playing ping-pong (or table tennis, but NOT table pennis, which is what you play when you want to clear out a dinner party). So yeah, they want to take over our recreational sports now. "Pfft, who cares -- it's ping-pong." WHO CARES IT'S PING-PONG?! HAVEN'T YOU HEARD OF THE DOMINO EFFECT? One minute it's ping-pong, and the next it's badminton and croquet! God forbid they ever find out about lawn darts. Just sayin', you ever played a robot in lawn darts before? Obviously not, you're alive to read this.

Hit the jump for scary.

Quadrocopter Ball Juggling, or Ping Pong Match? [technabob]

Thanks to Peter, who, OMG -- second star to the right, straight on till morning? TAKE ME NEXT TIME!

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@ 1 that is very noble of you. I also nominate #1 for cannon fodder

I cant wait till one of these Autonomous Quadrocopters get sent back to the year 2011 from the year 2020 to kill Master Connor. That is something I would like to see

mow mow

Me and Chip Chipperson are lovers. When he explodes in me, I say,

mow mow!!

Hehehe. Autonomous ball juggling. Science once again paving the way for further adolescent humor.

Scary's on his way...and we die young...

HAVEN'T YOU HEARD OF THE DOMINO EFFECT? One minute it's ping-pong, and the next it's dominoes!

@4 Clever. I got help for my mow mow's though. I don't do that anymore...sorry to disappoint you.

So about the quadrocrapters...why so much fascination GW? I really do not think they are all that cool. Can't you find like a car that runs on shit or something?

First gen 3-D pong? Is atari making a come back?

@8: I blame it on GW's perfectly rational fear of robot overlords. He obsessively seeks out any tiny shred of news headline that mentions anything having to do with robotics, simply so he can stay ahead of the dawn of destruction looming imminently on the horizon of mankind.

@8 cars running on shit is old news. It's called methane. I saw first it back in the 80s (but I'm sure it was first done long before that). Honestly, these robots are incredible. If you don't think so, I'd like you to post your videos of your autonomous robots doing something better.

I for one welcome our new robot overloads

I meant overlords!

I remain your humble servants oh iron fisted ones

mow mow

Oh yeah! *taking it in the poop hole from a robot*

MOW MOW!!!!!

@14 Watch out or I'll transform into my true form. Rancid Dookenstein...then you'll be sorry.

What if those were 10x bigger. and they had trampolines on top and the ping pong ball was you?
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Finally the damn future is here

@11 you tell em

These guys are pretty cute. Now I would like them even more if they are taught to fry me some bacon. :D


Very impressive. The only thing is that humans need to be stupid enough to place cameras all over the world, have them networked and allow them to be able to get proper readings of the surroundings and there's no way we'd ever be stupid enough to allow something like that to happen #drives past another speed camera# #sigh# we're doomed :)

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