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Autonomous Quadrocopters Play Ping-Pong


Forrest could take 'em.

This is a video from the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology of two autonomous quadrocopters playing ping-pong (or table tennis, but NOT table pennis, which is what you play when you want to clear out a dinner party). So yeah, they want to take over our recreational sports now. "Pfft, who cares -- it's ping-pong." WHO CARES IT'S PING-PONG?! HAVEN'T YOU HEARD OF THE DOMINO EFFECT? One minute it's ping-pong, and the next it's badminton and croquet! God forbid they ever find out about lawn darts. Just sayin', you ever played a robot in lawn darts before? Obviously not, you're alive to read this.

Hit the jump for scary.

Quadrocopter Ball Juggling, or Ping Pong Match? [technabob]

Thanks to Peter, who, OMG -- second star to the right, straight on till morning? TAKE ME NEXT TIME!

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