Mar 28 2011Angry Birds As Iffy Live-Action War Movie


I believe I can fly, I believe I can touch the -- nope, dude shot me right at a f***ing wall.

This is the fan-made trailer for a make-believe Angry Birds war movie. It was created by the same folks that brought us the 8-Bit Interview video posted awhile back but that probably means jackshit to you because you don't even hit the jump to watch things. You just scroll down the page in three seconds hoping for something Pokémon to catch your eye and if so 1. comment without reading anything and then it's 2. back to scouring websites for pics of the most scantily-clad women you think you can get away with at work. Haha, do I know you or what? I don't, I just have a spy-cam in your wall clock. YOU STEAL PEOPLES' LUNCHES!

Hit the jump for 2:16 you'll never get back.


Thanks to Shin, erik, MrTwinkles, Polly Pocket (but you're so tiny!) and telex, who all adhere to a strict 'no movies based on iPhone apps' watching policy.

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my buddy and me

Rooster Teeth makes AWESOME vids.

mow mow

So like do the birds die when they get slingshotted? That makes me sad.

mow mow

i shot a bird with a slingshot on the andy griffith show once, still haunts me to this day

Wilhelm scream ftw. Sad thing is, compared to Monopoly, Battleship, and uh... Ouija---this is this is the more plausible concept for film ='(

I love Rooster Teeth so much

Angry birds is a shit game but they did a good job with this video. Also, it's like GW looks right into my soul

<3 RoosterTeeth! Think this is amazing go watch the RVB Season 9 trailer.

mow mow

Ok...all you stupid ass morons....ROOSTERS DO NOT HAVE TEETH!
So stop saying you love them. You are idiots. I hate you all.

mow mow

mow mow

Ok...all you stupid ass morons....ROOSTERS DO NOT HAVE TEETH!
So stop saying you love them. You are idiots. I hate you all.

mow mow

Roosters will one day have teeth. Then, then you will not think of us as morons Ms. Dook. Viva el pollo!

"From the people that brought you "8-bit interview"
How about "Those BAMFers that brought you RVB, B!TCHES!"

Thats more like it.
I must say though, its weird hearing Simons' voice, and then seeing what he looks like

2:06 -2:16 that was worth my time...
anyone know the song?


I kind of wish this movie would be created. The drinking games associated would be the absolute shit. Probably followed by about twice the length of the movie of praying to the toilet afterwards, but we're not getting into semantics here.

I preferred the Tosh.0 bit where he used a slingshot to pelt his coworkers with dead birds. There was blood.

Oh, here it is. Stupid ad at beginning, though.

And that's why RoosterTeeth is awesome.


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mow mow

I'm a morbidly obese retard.

mow mow

LMAO... that is awesome! :D

So awesome!! Lol
Love that app.

eff iphone

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