Mar 30 201112-Year Old Has IQ Higher Than Einstein's, Currently Tackling The Big Bang Theory


No not the show, dummy.

12-year old Jake Barnett has Asperger's Syndrome and an IQ of 170 (~10 points higher than Albert Einstein or Stephen Hawking). He takes collegiate astrophysics classes for breakfast. Okay, not actually for breakfast (Eggos FTW!), but he does take them.

Barnett has always been a bright bulb. At age three, he was solving 5,000-piece jigsaw puzzles while the rest of us were still drooling. Those advanced astrophysics classes? He also provides tutoring for them. He already has a paid gig lined up performing research at Indiana University

Princeton University's Scott Tremaine even emailed the family to say, "The theory that he's working on involves several of the toughest problems in astrophysics and theoretical physics. Anyone who solves these will be in line for a Nobel Prize."

So, will Jake solve some of the most profound equations known to man, or turn to drugs and alcohol like the rest of us budding geniuses? "GW -- I've SEEN your IQ score -- 69 is hardly genius." *snicker* "What?" I scored that on purpose.

Hit the jump for two videos, the first of which is Jake talking about the Big Bang theory (NOT SHELDON AND THOSE OTHER GUYS) and the second, a much longer one about trig integrals (f*** if I know).

This 12-year-old could be our next Einstein, solve the Big Bang [dvice]

Thanks to Claire, nick, Scoobz and Justin, who can't even solve the riddles on Laffy Taffy wrappers. Kidding guys, I'm just projecting because I'm stuck on a really hard one. Here, maybe you can help: what building has the most stories? "The library." SONOFA!

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And you thought your time at school was well spent. This kid is going to be SO anoying...

I too can memorize bunch of shit, but why would I? :\

Sheldon would cry so hard to see this kid. He could be in BBT, right?

This is my old bosses' kid. Pretty amazing stuff...

I'm having a hard time taking this kid seriously =.=

I hope he comes up with a cure for stupidity.

Dang. When I was 12 I was proud of the fact that I could draw Buster Bunny from memory. I bragged when I single-handedly put together the K'Nex Big Ball Factory in a single day. I gloated for days after I beat Mega Man 2 without dying.

It's clear to me now that my adolescent ambitions were slightly misplaced, comparatively speaking.

So...all the videos say "JAKE" and everything written in the post says "JACK". Super-typo-mistake?!


hes doin integration by parts in the pic, not exactly nobel prize worthy.. more elementary calculus.. but fucking insane for a 12 yro.

Yeah but because he's so socially inept he'll never know what it's like to be banging a broad from behind, then right before he pops he slips it into her asshole. He'll never know that feeling. So I'm not jealous.

many people said same thing like this kid - that there is bigger speed than speed of light. kid said "in some cases speed of light accelerates sideways". i dont know any case of that. i belive same thing but proving it is something completely different. Point is - in E=m*c^2, you still cant replace c with something faster.

Sometimes I wish I has Asperger's...

Can someone please explain the whole "doing math on glass" thing? What the hell is that all about? I don't freakin get it and its pissing me off!

Speaking of Asperger's, an interesting film (and damn good use of modern claymation) was Mary & Max, if anyone has seen that one. Definitely gives a good view at some of the more depressing elements of the condition.

He's so lucky that people pushed him and let him excel... I'm 17 and have an IQ of around 140, nothing on him but I'm still a genious. I didn't even skip a grade, even though I've aced everything other than art with minimal effort my entire life. I wish I had been allowed to excel like him, I could have skipped a couple grades no problem.

Following up to my @16 post, here's the site for the film:

Just in case anyone was interested in seeing it. You can find it on DVD pretty much anywhere that sells them, plus it's also on Netflix Instant Watch.


...why is it that the sick n handicap get all the brains??

It's too bad the nature of Asperger's cause people to focus on one area . . . meaning he probably won't be making millions in the stock market and going all Richie Rich like he should be doing instead.

@11. god damn, you must be the smartest person any of us have ever encountered on the intornets. good job, i left a little award for you. its in your butt. seriously dude.

Follow up to my post (22)...

seriously dude. stick your fingers up the center of your buttocks. you will love the gift that we all left for you in there. just butthole yourself until you find it.

Follow up to my post (23)

oh man. i was just kidding. i seriously can't believe you did everything i told you to. wow. you should have seen the look on your face while you dug around for the award that was never there. you have poop on your fingers.

LOL at how '17' claims to be a genius yet spells the word wrong.

Not necessarily. While many autistic savants will gravitate toward a specific area of interest, not all do. Some may manifest their interests as infovores (massive consumers of information) or polymaths (people who have proficient skill sets in a wide range of disciplines).

I would know, being an autistic polymath. While I may have many of the classic elements associated with Asperger's Syndrome (or other disorders on the autistic spectrum), I also go through significant amounts of information in a lot of different areas (I read about 2000-4000 pages a week between print materials and online), and the end result is that it has helped me significantly in my field (as it provides me not only a new framework for looking at connections between various things but also in terms of coming up with novel topics to research).

@23: Those are some oddly specific instructions. I mean are there any other places for him to stick his fingers into his buttocks than at the center? Typically a person doesn't have multiple buttholes...

@None, do you mean 'genius'? I wouldn't skip any grades if I were you, champ.

@ Vladplaya: I am highly skeptical that you can remember your own pin number, much less the scientific theories and equations this kid is reciting.

I am so fucking sick of people writing shit on glass and thinking it makes them look smart. Same thing with mirrors. It's fucking annoying. If you want to be all smart and edgy, go spray paint your maths on the side of a train like they used to do in NYC in the 80's. That'd make you all nerdy retro cool. And somebody get his mom a fucking tripod.

PS: @7, I bet you do.

tss tss...yeah who is this kid good will hunting jr. or sumpthin...tss tss....

Crap. His I.Q., well if it is exactly 170, is 17 points higher than mine... *cry*

Someone should add guile theme to the second video.GO HOME AND BE A CALCULUS MAN!

To those of you who seem to think you are slightly less intelligent than this kid and for someone reason people on geekologie should know about it:

People that intelligent do not come to this website so you are lying and its painfully obvious. Now go bash your retard brain into the wall some more. No! Take that freakin helmet off first you tard-fuchs.

@15. Of course you dont get it. Thats why when he DOES find a cure for stupidity you'll be at the head of the queue.

@35 And who the hell are you?


@17.... i highly doubt that you're a "geniOus". also, if you are a true genius you don't need to be "pushed'" or '"allowed" to excel.

so just go to comment #22 and follow the steps from there.....

@38 I am a genious. The o is added to the word because o reprsents a circle which is perfection. I was the spelling champ in my elementary school. My IQ is so strong it feels like a heavy turd crowding my pants. You will never be smarter than me. Try spelling skitzofrenetic. Bet you can't!

This kid IS smart, it is just being blown out of proportion.
1st) A high IQ doesn't mean that a person will be or do anything great. An autistic moron can make a scientific breakthough and an absolute genius can end up a homeless bum.
2nd) IQ tests become increasingly innacurate when measuring the IQ of someone more than 2 standard deviations from the mean (above 130 I.Q.).
3rd)The definition of IQ has changed over the years. Currently most IQ tests are based on standard deviations and statistical analysis of test takers. Originally IQ was just your "mental age" divided by your "physical age" times 100. which means atwo year old that is as smart as a 4 year old would have an old IQ of 200 and a 5 year old that was as smart as a 3 year old would have an IQ of 60. Does that make the 2 year old a genius and the 5 year old a retard?
4)IQ is still changing. IQ's are migrating upwards at a rate of about 3 IQ points every 10 years. Which means that in 100-200 years, (when many of us will start to die, which is a whole other topic for debate ), the AVERAGE person will be a genius by today's standards.
5)There are people alive TODAY that know everything that this child knows and then some. There are Brilliant people in the industries and universities makeing discoveries all the time. There are people that have devoted thier lives to science and have contributed sooo much to our everyday lives and they aren't even noticed. This is just another "genius kid" story, released by the media at a regular interval. For instance according to a 2009 survey there were 24 College freshmen just 15 years old. (link: This is just media hype at it's best. But I must say, it is better than hearing more and more about crime, violence, etc etc.

Einstein was a fraud. He was also never legitimately tested as having any IQ because the tests didn't exist at the time. He was a retard dyslexic plagarising thief who stole all of the material he ever published while he worked as a floor sweeper at the copyright office. Go research it yourself and you will see the irony of the man who everyone thinks is the smartest person to ever live, was in fact, the stupidest.

All these smart bastards yet they keep writing on windows. Pah! Clever my ass. Try some paper you morons.

@41 So if what you say has any truth to it then he fooled most of the world into thinking he was the smartest person to ever live which still makes him a genius...

Also, I don't believe you can be "stupidest" at can be more stupid or most stupid, but not stupidest.

At 12 the only big bang theory I wanted was... no wait... I was a recluse at 12 and JO to my dad's playboys! o.O

But seriously, other Asperger's people in the news lately have been criminally idiotic, why is this kid trying to change the mold and be smart and do good things? Get it together kiddo. the SMARTEST

person in

the WORLD!

u alz iz sos dtuupid u iz pppooop 4 brans in ur dtuupid pennis berthole bcuz u thkn ur sooooos smrt. WELL UR JSUT WENERDONGS!


Big Bang theory? figure that out later... why not solve cancer? or world peace? or stop using fossil fuels problem

not impressed...

@43, I don't know... you seem to have done it.

@49 What's it going to take to get you to shut up?

@50, I, as spokesperson for the rest of the world, kindly ask you the same.

@53, STFU

@52 Gladly. Rancid Dook is the coolest and I worship his craps.

Oh and Mow Mow dur dur dur

@15 & 30

People write on glass and mirrors because its easy to go back and edit/erase problems you fucking retards. He even says in the video that he's using the window instead of his white board because its already full of theories at the moment.

that ain't skittles IQ is one hundred....million!
muahaha, soon the blastin' blaster will be fully operational!

The smartest person alive is Matt Damon because he plays a real smart guy in "Good Will Hunting". Case closed.

@17're not a genius, you're not even of average intelligence. Were you an actual genius, you'd know how to spell the word.

As to this kid, these stories are always sad. Some poor kid with overbearing, demanding, and even psychotic parents decides "my kid is a genius" and shoves the kid through life without regard for his normal development.

You never hear about the genius kids doing any better in life or career than "normal" kids, because other than their parents, they ARE normal kids. IQ in itself is a myth, and attempting to measure it just produces artifacts of education, culture, and literacy.

Ever wonder how you hear about 14 year old kids in college? Genius? No, genius doesn't account for how they were allowed to skip entire segments of education, or get granted waivers of all college entry requirements, or explain why they have constant private tutoring.

It's all nonsense and it needs to stop. at the very least, we need to stop sucking it up.

When I was 12, it was all about Math Blasters :( I think my school was denied the Calculus versions, so I probably could have learned all of this too at his age :(((

Einstein postulated the Unified Field Theory, mother farker invented relativity. WTF has this kid done besides write on his parents windows like a dick?

Einstein would eat this kids lunch, then he would explain to him how he ate the lunch.


I failed calculus...

I was pretty much going the same path as this kid... until my parents gave me a Super Nintendo... then I slowly lost interest in life's questions and started caring more about rescuing useless princesses

"Is it still on?"

As I thought, dumb as a rock.

Lol, I solved this shit a couple weeks ago. Problem is, I don't use math to do it--math is essentially invalid, though it is helpful for the practical applications.

Proof: take 186000 and get the square root, then get the square root of that. Some of you will get something like 25, and some of you will get an error. It's a representation of quantum probabilities on a macroscopic level.

Lol, I solved this shit a couple weeks ago. Problem is, I don't use math to do it--math is essentially invalid, though it is helpful for the practical applications.

Proof: take 186000 and get the square root (on a calculator, or course), then get the square root of that. Some of you will get something like 25, and some of you will get an error. It's a representation of quantum probabilities on a macroscopic level.

dude this kid is in my physics class at IUPUI.

Isn't the answer just 20.767...
Where is the error supposed to come from?

It depends, literally, on what you think will happen. that math itself is a flawed concept. It can be used, yes, but it's not the end-all and be-all of physics, or of any science except mathematics. It's flawed because of the unpredictability of quantum states. Sometimes it'll say 20.767, sometimes it'll say error; however, some people never get the error, and some always get it.

I myself can't explain, exactly, where the error comes from, as there's no mathematical explanation... and that's the point.

Another way of demonstrating it might be to take 20.767, square it, then try to get the square root. You may or may not get an error. I always do, probably because of entanglement. It's crazy shit.

*It depends, literally, on what you think will happen, and the fact that that math itself is a flawed concept.

I read some of these comments, some minds might say, "you just wasted 4 precious moments of your life and I might concur," but some of these comments are damn funny.

Any ways, let time decide what will become of this kid, but they'll probably make a tv-show or movie out of it, maybe a book or two.

Why don't the parents of this kid have this kid teach Justin Beevah some arithmetic so that he can count his money and prevent his parents from embezzling any .


I am just learning this at school, I am 7 years older, it is not that difficult

@55, Are you really that obtuse? If he's writing down problems and erasing them, they weren't all that important to begin with, were they? And if he didn't make so many fucking mistakes, he could use a regular piece of paper like a normal person because he wouldn't need to "edit" so often. AAAAANNNND, if his whiteboard is so full of important shit that he can no longer use it... once again, the solution is USE FUCKING PAPER.

You either sell windows for a living and thus are a comment troll, or you're really dumb. I haven't decided which. I shall go to my thinking corner and ponder the matter for a moment. BRB

I like turtles....

The mom is so obviously trying to get the kid on the Ellen show. It's annoying how she's "discreetly" advertising him."

"Here son, you sit here with your college hoodie, eating a sandwich that will make you look all nonchalant, while I film and ask you some smarty questions."

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First he gets filmed after leaving the dentist in his dad's Volvo, and now...

Wow, in one sentence Peter Keegan managed to display ignorance of quantum entanglement, basic math, and using a calculator.

learning new words is not the same as learning new concepts.

Wait, theoretical physics? So, essentially he's a young gordon freeman?

Young gordon freeman=gordon freeman=headcrabs=combine invasion

go outside and play with dog :)

Actually, Einstein never took an IQ test, but Einstein himself said "My IQ is 145".

hey, you little shit. pick up some legos and action figures like the rest of us

@80: Correct, learning the words is not the same as learning the concepts. And I know what I said sounds impossible. But hey, so many other things have before they've been proven.

I actually managed to, on my own, come to the same conclusions as Stephen Hawking on the origins of the universe. And I managed to demonstrate impossibility in something that seems like it should be perfectly possible. I'd love to see the look on your face if you saw a calculator in my hands.

Chew on this for a bit: energy is the same thing as matter. And that theory that information is the same thing as energy and matter? Well, if it's assumed to be correct, then entanglement actually makes sense. If you think of information itself being, essentially, matter that doesn't interact directly with our time or space, but skirts around them--in the fifth, sixth, and seventh dimensions--then you could easily point out that it's independent of our time and our space, but you could also point out that it WOULD interact with things in our dimensions, by association. It just wouldn't be a visible interaction, as the information itself, being in neither our space no our time, would be invisible. It's the source of Brownian motion, and of quantum "randomness", which only appears random because we can't see the interactions and so can't predict them.

It would be so much easier to do this in person...

If my intelligence is in question, let it be known that my IQ has been tested at 147. I got an 800 on the verbal on my SAT, a 600 on the writing, and a 620 on the math. Not saying I'm the smartest person in the world, but I got a Harvard professor--who knows shit-tons about particle physics and quantum mechanics--saying that I should write a book on this shit. So yeah.

Oh, come on. He's shit at the piano. I could play better than that when I was eight.

OMG i have an IQ of 198! but every day i see more crap about other kids being the "smartest person on earth" i'm happy for them, but GET OVER YOURSELVES!!!

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