Feb 15 2011Zelda Reimagined As 80's High School Movie


This is a video from the same makers as the 'If God of War was a Wes Anderson Movie' and 'Inglourious Plummers' flicks. It's the story of Link and Zelda as told as an 80's coming of age film (The Breakfast Club, Ferris Bueller's Day Off, Say Anything, etc.). Admittedly, it was pretty well made and they even roughed up the footage to give it that "holy shit the VCR is eating my tape" feel. WHICH YOU YOUNGER WHIPPER-SNAPPLES CAN'T EVEN APPRECIATE. Also, car windows that aren't electric. You know how long it took me to perfect a roll-up that would look electric to hot chicks watching from the outside? Forever. Literally, I never got it. I think they all thought I was masturbating.

Hit the jump for the worthwhile video. Tingle's in it, just sayin'!


Thanks to John, bunniez, David and Wilmersama, who all wish it were a real movie and not just a trailer because everything that comes out these days blows. OOOOOOH ANOTHER REMAKE!

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So many breakfest club references

so good.

FIRST!!!!111! Also, best soundtrack ever.

And the Nintendo-ized version of "Bizarre Love Traingle" by New Order was brilliant. I miss the 80s.

There were some obvious Ferris Buehler references as well but w/e.

Excellent, Also note at 2:59 while they're dancing you can see that Link's sword is a Nerf Marader Long Sword http://www.buy.com/prod/nerf-n-force-marauder-long-sword/q/sellerid/23628403/loc/20269/213637959.html

Needed to tie in with the Zelda franchise a whole lot more. It looked like just a parody of coming of age teen movies without making references to Zelda beyond simple mentions.

All girls r hotter than this Zelda...but the trailer is cool,...

Ha...New order OST..cool

this makes me happy

that version of bizarre love triangle totally made my day.

Aside from a couple of moments, it cleaves a bit too close to the original material, making it more of a straight-up imitation (Family Guy does this a lot, because Seth McFarlane just wants to recreate his favorite scenes sometimes).

But then it really made me laugh with the closing FB reference. The last thing he says before the final "Go."

Wow that Orion beginning took me back. Well done.

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did the lady say dick heads?

was there a need for the 1:20 menu at the end

this was a waste of time (-_-')

This made me extremely happy.

Bizarre Love Triforce :P

Wow, looks like it was on a VHS tape.

Actually it was an April Fool joke.
Here's the link

should I be ashamed that I would watch it ^^°

@20: i believe this is what your wiki link is talking about and not this vid

Fucking awesome! <3

You weren't even born when I saved Zelda you fake

Yet another dump taken on 80's memories by some twenty somethings that were too young to even remember it the first time...

the principal looks like links

Such a Let down, it was sooooo bad, why the 80´s?, it doesn´t make any difference if it was present time, it doesn´t make it funnier, this was BAD.

kids too young to have remembered it the first time.... making stuff that will be remembered because they suck so hard.

feels bad man.

This title should be changed to Zelda re-imagined in John Hughes eyes lmfao

i may have cryed and wet myself

I would so see this if it came out on VHS

Totally cool. Also, that Zane girl is power hot.


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So this trailer tells us that there were only 3 significant high school movies made in the 80s (four if you count the short bit from Say Anything), which is actually the truth.

Good work guys!

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