Feb 4 2011You Can't Do Anything Right!: Idiot Moron Leaves Phone Charging At House He Robbed


Sad burglar is sad.

Seen here looking like the sad idiot moron that he is, 25-year old stupid Cody Wilkins has been charged with a string of burglaries in Montgomery County, MD (MOCO FOR THE WIN -- GO QO COUGARS!) after leaving his cell phone charging at a house he was robbing. Smooth, dipshit.

As the burglar was rifling through the rooms in that house, the homeowner's son arrived and startled him. The burglar jumped out a window and fled. The son called police, who searched the house.

They were stunned at what was found: a cellphone, charging in an electric socket, that didn't belong to the homeowner.

The phone led police to Cody Wilkins, who is now charged in 10 burglaries.

Police say that Wilkins's home lost power in the storm and that he needed a place - anyplace, it seems - to charge his phone. In his haste to flee, he left it charging.

Listen, I'm not promoting thievery of any kind, but if you're gonna break in and steal something, it's generally best not to bring anything that could be used to identify you. This goes for cell phones, fingerprints, passports, drivers licenses AND business cards. Or, if you live here in LA, headshots. SON OF A -- I think I saw this asshat on NCIS last week!

Man who left cellphone in Silver Spring house charged in 10 burglaries [washingtonpost]

Thanks to ultrapony, who once robbed a house and didn't leave anything but a toilet full of pony urine without flushing. You nasty, ultra, I bet it stunk!

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Reader Comments

Punch him..PUNCH HIM!!!...I hate stupid people

Screech burglar is Screech

Look at his face, aweee man. Death penalty for him please


QO??? wtf, no! SV all the way!!! GO EAGLES!

@3 My thoughts exactly.

He looks so forlooorn. Not that it excuses what he did, but... So saaaad.

GW- you're from Maryland? Go Terps!

He looks more like the guy from "United States of Leland" imo. Ryan Gosling or something.

"Thanks to ultrapony, who once robbed a house and didn't leave anything but a toilet full of pony urine without flushing. You nasty, ultra, I bet it stunk!"
Reminds me of a time in college when I was at a house party, and suddenly had to take a wicked shit! I found my way up to the third floor where there was a quiet bathroom, and i noticed the bathtub was full of porn magazines, which seemed odd..... eventually I was about 5 lbs lighter, and I made my way to exit, when I realized that the toilet wasn't working because there was no water flowing to it..... ooops! So I made my way downstairs, and on my way down I overheard two girls saying, ".... I know there is another bathroom up on the third floor..." oh, what i would give to see what their reactions were... hahahahahaha
...... just sayin

Personally, I think he looks like the guy from the first Ghostbusters movie. The one who kept getting shocked because Peter wanted in the chick's pants.

don't let the sadface fool you. he's only sad cause he got caught. he'll be illegally charging phones as soon as his mom posts bail

I can only hope whoever wrote that article has a Pulitzer in their future. Once they get out of grammar school and go through formal education and what not.

I'm from Montgomery County, and when I heard this on the radio this morning... I nearly crapped my pants! Glad they caught him!

this guys stoopidness is the worlds way of balancing out your blogs greatness. That and the impending robot apocalypse.

WWHS, MoCo What!

oh man i am just freaking out now. I went to Walter Johnson!! GW I fall more in love with you every day

Just goes to show... Prison is for the stupid criminals. The smart criminals run multi-nationals and countries.

This is why we'll never need a Batman.

This is almost as dumb as the guy who called 911 to report that he was growing marijuana. I voted yes on 19, and I still think that guy needs to be taken away from the public just for his stupidity.

@11 Holy shit, you're right!


He also reminds me of Pauley Shore


Looks exactly like the hippy stoner kid from Harold and Kumar


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