Feb 22 2011Yeah, I Touched Your Grandma's Buttons!: The Family Tree Of Video Game Controllers


Note: Larger version HERE in case you want to print a copy yourself and save $30 by not buying a poster.

This is the family tree of video game controllers inspired by this family tree of video game controllers except way more professional looking. It's like if you and I both walked into the same job interview and you're wearing a suit and tie and I'm wearing whatever I wore to the bar last night plus a suction-cup dildo on my forehead. But you know what what? I'm still gonna get the job. You know why? Because I got skills. Well, HJ skills. Plus a disability. "Dammit GW, stupidity isn't a disability." Oh yeah? Then why's my life so hard? "You probably make it that way. Plus drink too much". *crying* WHAT ARE YOU, MY SHRINK NOW?

Product Site (with 24"x36" posters for $30)
Video Game Controller Evolutionary Tree Has a Missing Link to the Keyboard [technabob]

Thanks to Ferrous, who agrees not including a keyboard was a pretty serious faux pas. Also, running to get the morning paper with your pecker flailing. OH WHATEVER, IT'S CALLED EXHIBITIONISM.

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Reader Comments


I want a poster of this. :D

Oh, that's some classic lulz there.

Can't believe all this work went into this outstanding poster, and nowhere to be found is the Epyx 500XJ, the greatest video gaming joystick ever designed.

For shame!

This should be renamed the histsory of console game controllers. Not a single computer game controller there.

Nice, but they missed this one...


@5 A valid point

I like the n64 controller the best

I always thought the Master sys came about the same time as the NES, looks like i'se wrong.

Missing DC Maracas and Twin Sticks... shameful.

And no Roll & Rocker... Tsk tsk...

Is it just me or is the DC pad mirrored? The analog stick is on the right side and the buttons are on the left side? I kinda doubt there has been a version for lefthanders...correct me if Im wrong. Besides that its an awesome picture which would make good use as a poster despite the fact it got some pads missing.

Missing the controller that came with Coleco Baseball (one of the best sports games ever!). It had a shield over the triggers so your opponent couldn't see what buttons your pressing.

Home console version of Taiko no Tatsujin (Taiko Drum Master) predated Donkey Konga's use of drums as controllers by a year.

Somebody can't draw PlayStation controllers.



Its annoying and typical of the game manufacaturers that when one console maker has a good idea, shun the fuck out of it and try and makes its idea look silly.

The playstation controller is piece of shit, it always has been and it always will be. The Nintendo controllers worked there way to better designs, but they lost the plot.

Why was it left to SEGA to carry the torch of the 8-way D-pad???

They always were, and always will be the best controller ever made.

hmm... why can't I see Xavix there?.. they implemented the motion detection without controlers way before Wii was released.

Well.. I guess there are so many consoles that it would take forever to add them all.

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Hmm... I can see the original artist/designer was trying to avoid using 3rd party controllers, despite the Namco Guncons, but it's a shame, really, since there were some pretty groundbreaking third party stuff out there from the early days. Also, I notice he skips the Dual Shock 1 in favour of the (admittedly earlier) Dual Analog. I'm not sure how it was over in the states, but the Analog was out for all of 5 minutes before being withdrawn for now more known Dual Shock here in Britain.

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