Feb 21 2011What Could Go Wrong?: Mind-Controlled Cars


I didn't know you could drive in heaven!

Driving by mind. It's a scary thought(!!!1) because most people are just texting anyways and I'm not sure how a car's gonna interpret that kind of input. You (texting): 'BOOTY CALL!' Car: drive on sidewalk.

Freie Universit├Ąt Berlin professor Raul Rojas and his AI research team have developed a system called the BrainDriver that uses an electroencephalography head cap to interface with the primary functions of an automobile. Users must first undergo a bit of training, after which they are unleashed to travel the streets using only brain power.

Gee, what could possibly go wrong? SPOILER: "Ugh, I can't stand other drivers. How do you morons even have licenses?! God, I WISH YOU'D ALL JUST GO CRASH INTO -- oh shi-shi."

Hit the jump for an explanation of the technology and a demo of it in action.

Mind controlled car is like wielding the power of The Force [dvice]

Thanks to Ben, who's not interested until all he needs to think is 'take me to Taco Bell'.

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Reader Comments

More car accidents!

I've been driving with my mind for years, unlike everyone else apparently

Why not just create a robot brain and let the sensors detect its brain waves? Then, we don't need humans.

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i dont even think when i drive, just masturbate

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@6. That's exactly what i did when trying to get my licence for the 12th time, didn't work..

where the fuck are the flying cars!! slap some plutonium on that shit and im sure it will fly.

If I ever get a mind controlled car I'm gonna have to move to PornTown because that's the only place my car will ever go.

"on the left is a car".... woa, who wrote her text ?

I think it will be hard to explain to my wife why we keep on pulling into the strip club parking lot when we were drive to church.

I want a jet-pack that I can fly with my mind

Old news! This was done ages (nearly a year) ago by a friend of mine on the BBC: http://knolleary.net/2010/04/22/how-i-got-onto-prime-time-bbc-one/

What if you get road rage?




"OMIGAWUD!!!! SHE DAYUD!!!! I KILLED HER WIFF MY MIND!!!! ...and my car... and technically my penis..."

@16 LOL!

Cortex Command coming to life NOW, YAY!

It's amazing what things God and Jesus make possible for us to accomplish.

"Don't try this at home" yeah because i was totally gonna crack out the technology to do that.

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