Feb 17 2011Only A Matter Of Time: A Minecraft Proposal


Because no video game is complete until somebody proposes in it, a Minecraft proposal was made last week by A BioWare game developer to his BioWare game developer girlfriend. I'm not sure if the virtual ring was the only one presented, but that's pretty smart (and thrifty!) if it was. Plus you could save a fortune on the wedding by having it in-game. That way I can crash the reception and set everyone's in-laws on fire. BEST DAY OF YO LIFE!

Hit the jump for a short video of the proposal going down.

Took longer than expected: A marriage proposal in Minecraft [joystiq]

Thanks to Jenn, who actually knows the groom-to-be and promised to ask if they're gonna have an in-game honeymoon. Dude could save all kinda money!

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Reader Comments

first suck a dick

Ok i will.



There should have been a trap on the top of the mountain.. so she sees proposal, and then immediately falls down the hill

"...then a creeper blew her up."

That would make for a pretty horrific RL proposal.


and gay

I hope she said no. That probably took him about 5 minutes to make, unless he's an idiot, in which case she had say no as well

This isn't actually the first proposal on minecraft, a friend of mine did one a month or so ago :P

needs more gay sex

That is so sweet.

What texture pack is this?

I'm gonna go in that game an pee on it.

Please marry him and then we can sterilise the pair or you and remove two mintards from the gene pool.

Minecraft, a game so dumb you need learning difficulties to appreciate it.

!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1 heart melted

Derrick Spears Loves TokyoFlash & Loves to click on ads!

I agree with the "what texture pack is this?" question.

The texture pack is called "DOKU RPG texture pack"

video games haters be hatin.

i think its pretty cool

I hate romance

in a way this is kinda cool. And sad.

To me, she threw herself down the waterfall.


He fails at minecraft circles.

this is how we know the world is doomed.

this is how we know the world is doomed.

It's only sweet if his girlfriend actualy plays minecraft. other wise it goes like this:
"sit down, i have something so cool to show you!"
"is it that stupid game you've been playing all day? cos i'm not interested!"
"please, it'll only take a minute!"
*sigh" "fiine.."
*boyfriend controls character and zooms in on the sign posts and tells her to read them because she's not interested in the slightest*
*character reaches viewpoint, boyfriend grins*
"seriously? thats what you call a proposal?! how about take me for a nice meal, for once, and getting down on one knee with an actual ring, you cheap docuhe?!?"
"but, but..i built a tower..and a in-game ring.."
"forget it, i'm out of here. call me if you ever decide to grow up.."

though if she does play, it would be pretty sweet. :)

@stormhead. It says his gf is a developer of the game, so I imagine she is into it and does a lot more than play it.

I think it is a sweet way to propose since they both have something to do with the actual game itself.

Some of you are such trolls!

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