Feb 22 2011The Kissing Game: A Tonsil-Hockey Controller



Lane -- get it?! No? Obviously you're not a golfer. This is a couple demonstrating the Kiss Controller developed by Hye Yeon Nam that allows a player to provide sensor input by tongue-kissing (the sessiest kind!) the everliving hell out of somebody else. Fine, but if she tries stealing my gum I WILL start biting.

How does Kiss Controller work? It's done with magnets. One of the players provides sensor input with a small magnet stuck to the tongue, while the other wears a headset receiver that senses the direction and speed of that magnet. According to Hye, the object of the game is to "increase the speed of the ball by moving the tongue faster while kissing."

This obviously making its way into some sad virtual reality sex game aside, I'm not sure how I feel about making out with my roommate just to beat a level in Mario. Dude's handsome and all, but still. He doesn't shave often enough. That said, I want to see a game controlled by licking the floor. And by floor I mean carpet. And by carpet I do NOT mean vagina. I'm talking about pretending you're a human vacuum. Just sayin', there's a dead bug by the couch with your name on it!

Hit the jump for a short video of the tongue-kissin' game in action.

Game Input Device Controlled By Kissing [mashable]

Thanks to Shenanigans, who's holding out for a game controlled by rubbin' boobs. IT EXISTS IT'S CALLED FOREPLAY, BROSKI.

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Reader Comments

first bitches


no shockwave no you're not

God willing, this will escalate into an all out war, these guys will claw each other's eyes out, and the world will be two firstards lighter by tomorrow.

I don't see the point. Why not make out before or after gaming. Combining the two will probably only decrease the enjoyment of both activities

Next stop.... porn

what the fuck is this? (drops bowling ball onto tile)

....and no balloons were popped!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

nice Lebowski reference.

"How does Kiss Controller work? It's done with magnets."

Fucking magnets! How do they work?



Instead of putting it on his tongue you could put it on his penis.


Cant wait for the sex version to come out, or the oral version.
Fleshlight, here i come.

Cool, until you swallow the magnet

thank you so much for including the big lebowski reference.

WTF, looks like if he were trying to feed her like birds

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Magnets? Fucking Miracles!

Guess your not a golfer YOU PIECE OF SHIT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1 Plus whats up with the dudes hands on that girls face. What is he mentally challenged or homosexual. Hopefully homo ; )


Does anybody else think it's really creepy the way he keeps looking at the screen the whole time?


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I wonder if theres some way to convert this into a cunnilingus game...?

I wonder if theres some way to convert this into a cunnilingus game...?

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