Feb 10 2011Photos Overlayed To Produce The 'Average' Face Of A Woman From Various Countries


Note: Don't take that picture at face value, click HERE to see the entire thing with a whole bunch more lady-mugs.

The Face Research Website (not to be confused with my Fist Resear-- POW!) allows users to overlay photos of faces to get an "average" of what a number of combined faces looks like. This particular shot is the result of combining the faces of women from a certain country and slapping them all together. As you can see, they're all surprisingly attractive. Not sure if they started with only pretty ladies or what, but I'd be hesitant to see what a U.S. one looks like. And not just because I'm afraid of getting turned on, but do you even know the sessy kind of things you can do with a double chin? Store food for one. Pelican ladies, PELICAN LADIES!

Face Research Website (to try yourself and even upload your own photos)
Average Faces of Women of the World [photoxels]

Thanks to Captain Cranky, who apparently always wakes up on the wrong side of the boat.

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Reader Comments

Was the Asian face comparison really necessary?

...Bording plane to Greece....

They're all attractive because a large sample size overlaid over each other cancels out all irregularities leaving only symmetrical faces. We're attracted to symmetry and median features because they are accessible to more people, and because symmetry is basically just aesthetically pleasing.

Also: English, African American, Israeli and Japanese are the best by far.

So "African America" is a country now?

Really? What bunch of fucking douchebags put this together? Apparently the US has no white people, and other countries have no people of African descent.

*also boards plane to Greece*

Not to mention there's "West African", "East African" and "Ethiopian". Apparently Ethiopia is the only legitimate African Nation.

Also Russia's good.

@1 - hahahaha

I'll take the Russian and Greek girls, in that order.

This thing proves my point I've been thumping for years - native German women, unbeknowst to Indiana Jones casting people, are actually pretty manly and fugly.

english and japanese look the best, IMO. But I was wondering if english means all the brittish isles like ireland and scottland because I think the celtic cuties are way hotter than the brittish babes.

Saw this yesterday. Neat though.

sideway vaginas!

Oh, and the chart failed to note that the Thai woman has a cock waiting for you.

Do German women actually have tiny little heads compared to their nationality-alphabetical neighbors?

So, scientifically speaking, Samoans may or may yes be uglier than their girl scout cookie counter parts?

A bunch of unattractive women and way too many asians that all look the same.

So, why didn't make another overlay of the picture above? So we will see the average face of an Earth woman.

@ 16 really good idea!

I've read about the whole overlay average/symmetry thing.

I think it's really cool.

And holy cow "why all the Asians".... seriously!?! Why all the Europeans!?!


Asian backgrounds look DISTINCTLY different - of course there are cross over looks, and all types of bodies and faces – but seeing physiological differences between Asians is a legit thing to show, if you’re going to show all the different European faces.

total bullshit! you know how many uzbeks ive banged looked way better than her!? this is clearly the average attractive twenty-something from each country

Poor Samoan women, as fugly as ever :(

And wtf they made English girls with wrecked faces and crooked teeth look almost normal.

Where are the "American" women?

OMG yay they have a Peruvian girl! That's my background! I imagined she would be a bit darker, with all the Inca influence.

Anyone else Peruvian? Do you agree? It must be metro based faces - at least for Peru. The average would be darker, I honestly believe. I'm not saying that because I am dark - my father is from Germany so my complexion is similar to the girl there, so its cool subjectively. But I don't think it's too reflective of the real demographics. At least for Peru...

Oh come on !
The Greek is exactly what a really attractive greek would look like.
But let me tell you, there are far more fugly greek than you would think. You'll be lucky to find someone like her...
Also, they have a mediteranean body (think Orangina bottle), so get the cute ones while they're young !

*looks around*

Wow this place to Greece is packed.

Next time I need to use a pickup line I will say, "My god you are so semmetrical. Want to go have sex?"


Would the average Middle Eastern woman just be a picture of a burqa?

So if you keep stacking ugly as hoes faces it will eventually turn into something pretty?

What about taking all female celebs and seeing what comes out?

How about all female supermodels and seeing what comes out?

How about feeding me chipotle and seeing what comes out?

So the average irish woman has mismatched eyes? good to know

I covered up the words and here are my results (left to right and top to bottom):


I think that the proximity to others had an effect on the results. Girls that I would probably go for are likely marked no because of their proximity to strong yes girls.

Pubic Hair Pu-Bi-C Ha-ir!!!!! PUBIC HAIR! PUBIC HAIR!

Finland here I come.

Where's Mongoloid?

Could have used more S. American samples. Where's the Brazil women!

There are some noticeable differences between Chinese, Japanese, Vietnamese, Filipino, Burmese, Korean, Thai (although Thai and Vietnamese women look almost identical), Cambodian, Mongolian, and Taiwanese.
Maybe its just me who notices the small differences?

sucks that overall Mexican, Peruvian, and Puerto Rican, and Spanish women aren't as cute as Greek, Finnish, English, Italian, and Israeli women.
I'm Mexican and apart from wanting a girl with a nice ass, I want one with a cute face haha... and trust me, alot of Mexican chicks I've seen look like freaking Frida Kahlo

but yeah needs more South American samples

Expecting a da te on this "Valentine's Day"? Don't have any access to find your baby?
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Go for it !! You will have a da te soon !! :P

Should have been Native American instead of African American. Including African American doesn't even make any sense.

I think they're pretty attractive...for being average

@19. I'm English and I don't have a wrecked face or crooked teeth! I'm also not average. Not if that picture is anything to go by.


No Italian woman?

@37: So is it difficult browsing the internet in braille?

Aren't people from Switzerland called "Swedish" people? Aren't they also called Swiss? Am I forgetting about a second country?

Er, Sweden?

Sweden = Swedes/Swedish
Switzerland = Swiss

Sweden lays in northern Europe.
Switzerland lays in western Europe.

There is no way the picture of the "average" South African woman is right.

First time I ever felt like passing on the Samoans...

Swedish is hottest IMO

@42 JBell

You are correct. The majority of women here aren't white. This picture is dildos.

I'm just glad the South African is white. YA!!! Up yours America, we got all the white girls!

What, no Aussies???

the peruvian is the best one. ugh. gorgeous. my lord.

maybe that's cause i'm dating a peruvian so i can see the things i like.

Howcome the Ethiopian one isn't covered in flies?

@ 7, Ethopia is not the only African specific country there, South Africa is not the region, it's the country, my country actually :D

Whoop Whoop!!


english? ENGLISH??? Are u kidding me? have u ever lived in england #4? because i do and i would feel more attracted to a horse than an english woman.
btw, mine would be the spaniard woman.

Spaniards? I thought it was Spanish...

Hey, dumbass. The English-with-weird-faces-and-crooked-teeth thing is getting real old now. As a Scot, I know that it's not true. English folks are just too polite, that's all.

Yeah, it is Spaniard, at least if you're an English-speaker.

Well it goes without saying that it's surprising how pretty and sometimes VERY pretty average can be. But you can't really see make-up here and I've always preferred "plain" women anyway...

Oh, and they totally forgot pretty much all of Northern Europe? Where are my lovely Scandinavian girls? Why Finnish but no Swedish, etc.?


americans were too fat to post


Been to Greece, saw a bunch of unibrowed women who looked like they could bench press a truck. Also, the most attractive women I saw there would have been considered a little "Butchy" back home, the looked like "sessy lezzies." However, after looking at this I think I need to give it another try...

All of you need to shut up. There's no 'American' or 'Canadian' women because those aren't specific backgrounds. They're the mongrels and mutts of the world, a mix of all races and nationalities. The South African woman is white because there is a very large white population in that country, the Afrikaners. And whoever said "Spaniard? I thought it was Spanish..." 'Spaniard' is a word for someone from Spain- learn your own language! You can also shut up, you probably think Spain and Mexico are the same countries like most Americans do. (And nevermind the rest of Latin America, which you've probably never heard of) And everyone needs to realise how this picture was made- by overlaying many, many pictures of many different women from all these different countries. I get so tired of retards (mostly from the US) acting like they're so smart and better than everyone else. That's my rant for the day. Troll away, Americans.

let's take one image and throw some blurry shit around it and call it an average. Derp

First face I thought was attractive was the Russian overlay. I guess that nails it I need to find me some Russian bars to hang out at.

I just got off the phone with the airline, they wouldn't sell me a ticket to "Africa America" they even had the nerve to tell me there was no such place. Fuckin' airlines.

Notice how the majority of the racist comments are from people demanding the face of an American woman? Also to the people whining about so many Asian faces, remember that just under 60% of the worlds population live in Asia (USA has under 5% so please stop going on like its the only country on Earth).

Those dorks left out Native American.

website is borken. go to merge a face and it says it can't contact server. anybody else?

would have liked to see average american lol

Why are the prison bars missing from one of these?

Fake image is fake.
The website is probably 'Borken' due to a high influx of Americans trying to make a point. A stupid point at that.

For the love of God and all that's holy, please tell me Travis is not from the South. And they would all look better as Nav'i, thankyouverymuch.

The funniest one is Puerto Rican because thats such a hodgepodge of races

French, Swedish, Spanish and Peruvian look great. I tought girls from Peru were FUGLY.


@ 71

Shut up niggu

Sweden sucks.

@59 Travis

"The South African woman is white because there is a very large white population in that country, the Afrikaners."


Population group Number % of total
African 39 682 600 79.4%
White 4 584 700 9.2%
Coloured 4 424 100 8.8%
Indian/Asian 1 299 900 2.6%

Native American = Korean
Even Koreans mistake Navajos for being Korean.
"Maybe you mom Asian like me?" ,said the korean nurse to my Navajo wife.

Ime off to Greeece! whos with me?

Seems all flights to Greece are full. :(

Atta Kim, a wonderful artist from Korea, did this already!

Hey! Anyone want to go to Greece with me?
No, I'm not after those fugly-assed hairy Greek broads, I just like to have teh buttsecks with young Greek boys. derrr..

The freaky thing is that most of them actually look like the SAME WOMAN, just make up slightly different.

It's a well known fact that Ethiopian women are incredibly hot.
Also... Where are the Arabian chicks?

Hey, when I've looked at Polish woman face - damn, this averaging works :-) It's really Polish face, I like it. Same about Russians.

I am disappoint...

What a retarded bullshit! I think it's a commonsense that the features of human face are based on our race,not countries what we belong.

There are all kinds of face outlines in China ,including the types of Thai ,Korean, Japanese ,Mongolian, Uzbek.....etc, even the face of northen Chinese are different than south,never just one type . I know it because I am a Han Chinese from Taiwan, and it's ridiculous to seperate Taiwanese from Chinese,because Taiwanese is a part of Chinese ehnic group, second ,China is a country,but Taiwan is just a province ( belong to ROC gov. ,not PRC ).

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I actually think many of the Europeans look the same. Same eye and nose shapes just different make up.

@60 - exactly right. Each one is just a picture of a single woman with a few other images very lightly superimposed over them. Complete cheating, if you ask me.

I would do every chick on that list


Looks like (a kind of) propaganda to me.

I'd still do all of them anyway.

I think Daisy needs to call shenanigans.

these look like single images of various ethnicities and photoshop wizardry

They're all beautiful. It's nice to be a woman.

Irish, English and Welsh but no Scottish?!

Yeah, just went to the site referenced and did my own looking-at-female experiment - picked only the completely bad going by the thumbnail (mostly it was nose-related, but all mingers were welcome) and it came up with a reasonable looking face. Did it again, but looked at the higher-res version of every female picture and both pruned/expanded the selection. The average looked almost exactly the same - only the hair changed to a slightly darker shade.

#91 and it's nice to buy into that that self-affirming hogwash. Only an ugly woman could come out with that tripe.
Believe me there are ugly women like there are ugly men.

Did I say whites were the majority? No, I said there was a 'very large white group.' Now, according to your OWN DATA, that means there are still over four million whites.


Could we see your picture, please?

There is no way in hell that English girls look that good. Sorry, no sir. Not possible.

So, the average South African is white, and the average Italian is blonde.


Will there be an update to this for Chinese faces (and a few others)?

Also, how did they manage to get so many pictures of Afghan girls' faces? Wouldn't that be viewed as pornography in the Muslim religion, and carry a sentence of death-by-stoning?

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