Feb 2 2011Luke, I Am Your Papa...John's (!!!!!!!!11): Massive Star Wars Pizza Party Gallery


Title-Writing Pulitzer: I want it now.

These are a couple shots from a giant Star Wars series by photographer Robin Cook. You're going to have to excuse me if I'm not 100% with it but I'm still beaming about how great that post title was. Luke I am your Papa...John's. God I slay me. But dragons too so if you know any damsels in distress don't hesitate to pass my number along. Tell them to text instead of call though because I'm super awkward on the phone. Also, in person. You see, I start stammering when I get really excited about something and people always think I have a drinking problem. Probably because I'm double-fisting drinks at the time, but that's neither here nor there. Unless "there" is at the bar, in which case, yes, it actually is there. Anyway, a Star Wars pizza party. Hit the jump to see a couple teaser shots and then the link to Robin's blog for a MASSIVE amount more, not all of which involve pizzas. Use the fork, Luke. Just kidding, you can use your hands. But if your arm starts sparking and catches fire like it did that time you spilled grape juice on it I am NOT sacrificing my shirt to put it out again. You should've seen the way C-3 was ogling my pecs. Like I was the piece of space-ass his copper peen was looking for!

Hit the jump for a couple more and then head to Robin's for a sail barge-load more.





Robin's Website
Tattooed Star Wars Slave Leia Cosplay: The Last Supper of Pizza [obviouswinner]

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Reader Comments


pizza the hut didnt come?


i lold

pizza pizza

I have no idea why but trampy tattooed girls make my light sabre rise to the occasion :o

Hurray for tatoo covered golden bikini Leila!

Who is sitting to the left of Sidious?

Who else wants that last storm trooper to bulls-eye their wamprat? ;D

"you are actually in a real dominoes kitchen, so what'da ya think now?"

"it still tastes like it was made by a robot and why are there star wars characters here"

Thanks so much for blogging! This was all an idea of mine run rampant! haha! That's Lady Vader- I wanted the girls to have some power in my version. And hey- Papa John's was all we could get LOL

isn't that dominos?

Show more of Leia

I want more of the cute stormtrooper, Robin

@13 yeah but look at the size of those D@mn feet of hers?!?!?

The best part of all of this is the dog's facial hair is seems cut to look like an Ewok.

That Leia is unbelievably hot.

I know these guys. I almost went to this ... would have gone if they told they were having pizza. :( Gosh. Thanks guys. Haha. Love ya

haha- Femme Storm Troopers wear big shoes to better kick ass with!

and I did cut the little dog (Bishop- he's Brussels griffon) and fluff him up so he would look like an Ewok. :-)

What's with the busted Leia?

Why is Jabba the hut dressed up like Leia?

Who smeared poop all over Princess Leia?

Why is Leia clothed?

Unfortunately I do happen to work at a Dominos know that those are indeed our pizzas and boxes. Poor form GW... Poor form. But still awesome writing none the less.

@22, because no one wants to see a penis.

Dammit, Olga was not green! Damn the remakes of the remakes!

@7: That's Emperor Palpatine. We'll have no talk here of the prequels that do not exist.


haha- it's not Olga- it's Oola and yes, she was green. :-)


Rex Ryan approves.

Why don't I ever see hot girl nerds like these?

Leia ate too much pizza already.

panda smirk "l"ed my a off

Do not want.

Ladies looked like they were pranked with a Sharpie.

did anyone notice the amputee stormtrooper?

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