Feb 10 2011How Long It Takes To Guess Your Password


This is a lil chart showing the time it takes a hacker's computer to guess your password by random execution. Basically, if you have a six-letter password in all lower case by the time you read Geekologie and go back to watching Youtube videos I'll already be in your email sending everybody a message that you're pregnant with an alien's baby in the butt. Damn, I just wish I could be there when your parents open it. "I TOLD YOU! I TOLD YOU ALL THAT STAR TRAX WAS MAKING HIM A PERVERT!"

The Problem with Passwords [neatorama]

Thanks to Martin, who suggested I change my password from 'dinolover' to something a little harder to guess. HA -- like that was even my password. *changes password to 'DinoLova69'*

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Well... 4 years for my basic password (the one I don't care passing to my friends) and 463 years for my serious one. well, if you have a lot of time to loose... but I warn you, you want get anything of value from it.

part of what people don't seem to get is that a login/password is a two factor authentication. You have to know the login...AND the password.

Treating your login as less important than the password is a bad, bad idea. Keep both safe and follow the same rules.

@ ma boivin... lose = i win... loose = what your mom is o.O

If you type in your password in the comment box in this same format it automatically blocks it!

check it out


Chris, you are awesome.

Dang, Sub-Zero, you're right, I can't believe it!



wow really!? let me try!



Wow. You people....

Username: Nards@gmail.com
Password: DontStealMahNards

In Soviet Russia password hacks you

E-mail account: mail@domain.com
Password: password

My real password would, apparently, would take 463 years to guess

Challenge Accepted!

This info also fails to take into account that most systems lock you out of your account (at least for a period of time) after entering 3-5 failed attempts.

Some lock you out for good until you contact an adminstator, others lock you out for a few minutes until they let you try again, but then also requires that you not only enter your user name and password but also other information PLUS a catchca in order to gain access to your account.

I don't know of any systems anymore that would let a bot input passwords as fast as possible until it could brute force the password.

Don't you think that hackers would develop a better system for cracking passwords in 44,530 years... just sayin.

Well, I'd like to inform you that this information is incorrect.

1. It is only true if you use an old computer
2. Today, multthreading + GPU acceleration allows to multiply the speed of cracking
3. Decryption tables exist and allow the cracking in only few seconds
4. Hackers have thousand of "zombie" computers ready to bruteforce your password. With GPU acceleration, it can speed password cracking up to 100.000 or even a 1000.000 time than what is presented here.

Just ask able or caine

Depends on what it's used for. 12-30 characters from all main categories usually serve their purpose. Using something better like multi-stage biometric identification would require something really important to make it worth bothering.

And that is why all of the passwords I have are over 10 characters!!

yeah, i have a supposed 44k year password according to that list, but a sysadmin friend of mine cracked it in under 30 minutes with some hacker tool that ran from a a cd - can't remember the name of it. at that point it dawned on me that if someone really wants to get at your private info - they will. so try not to stress about it too much.

With out knowing the computing power base and the type of encryption this information is completely bogus. I'd swear this article was put up specifically for trolling.

If a system is going to allow a botnet to brute force login attempts, then it doesn't really matter what kind of a password you have. You can buy or steal enough computing power to get it.

Generally, someone will compromise the entire system and get everyone's login information. Or, with an individual, they'll socially engineer their way into it, or guess the password because people do dumb shit like using pet names and birth dates.

If your password has nothing to do with anything, you're generally as fine as you can be while relying upon a third party for security.

Pick a phrase you like, add numbers and punctuation if possible and suddenly 9000+ years for brute force AND it is possible to memorize AND randoms can't guess it.

I use Windows 7 so I'm crack/hack/virus safe. Like my Xbox 360

Woooohoooo mine take 463years to break! Take that you scumbag hacker! LOL!

I wonder how long it would take my 18-key password including both :o

Okay, that's over 150 years for any of my passwords :D

Yeah I'd like to reaffirm what @19 said. I have a moderately new Nvidia graphics card, with the Cuda Multiforcer I use to crack passwords I can crack a 6 character password in a matter of seconds, a 7 character in a matter a just a few minutes, an 8 in a few hours, etc.

I'd also like to point out that certain encryption algorithms are easier to crack than others due to design flaws. It used to be that Microsoft's LM hashes were rather secure, but nowadays, well, for the sake of being nice we'll just call it an epic failure. I PITY THE FOOL, STILL RUNNIN' XP AND THINKIN' THEY'RE SECURE.

Needs more lesbain sex

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